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Bunny Blues

HUNT SL Bunny BluesHunt Dates: Apr 7 – Apr 28

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 7
Hunt Object: An Easter Egg
Hunt Theme: It is time for Easter, and like Christmas it is alot of peoples favorite holiday… I seen a movie once where a 18 year old boy was asked by his father what he wanted for Easter, and the boy replied all I want is a chocolate bunny. The dad says you have had chocolate bunnies every Easter, and the boy replied… but mom always took them away and never let us have them. That was the saddest thing I ever heard, and it broke my heart. So for this hunt… What is something you really REALLY wanted for Easter but never got or was not allowed to have? Or maybe you have one thing that you got that really stands out and was your favorite from all the other Easters.

StartSweet Seduction
Web Site:
Contact Person: Shelby Rhapsody
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