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Fairy Tale Hunt

HUNT SL Fairy Tale HuntHunt Dates: Aug 1 – Aug 31

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 54
Hunt Object: Book (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Everyone is familiar with the famous fairy tales… And this hunt is dedicated to them!
Weather you’re more a fan of the dark Grimm stories, or the bubbglegum Disney stories, this hunt is for you!

Start: River Ely
Web Site:
Contact Person: PickledEgg Resident


Hints & SLURLS

1. Lone Wolf Studio (No hunt object at this location)

2. Dollface (Store is gone)
“I Love Rock & Roll”

3. Kalraye’s confections (Start the hunt here)
What story unravels when you look outside your window?

4. D&G Fashions
What’s a Fair Tale without Cupcakes!?

5. Eclectic Wares
1. I’m blue for you shroom!
2. Tricksy little pixies are laughing at me!!
3. Ewww! Is that gum under there?

6. Boddies By Bobby
To join or not to join, that is the question……

7. Lvs&Co

8. VerseEye
“What kind of rodeo is this?”

9. Imagine Flowers & Garden
The forest dragon guards it.

10. Divine Diamond Productions
Crook..crook…crickety crook, the croc is after Captain Hook

11. Southpaw
The Siren’s keep their secrets all too well but if you happen to be by the sea and the shore, look for the Lost Tribes of Nu Orne you just might just get them to tell you.

12. {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures
Look in my Hand…

13. Oooo LaLa Designs
Hello Hello!

14. ~XM~ Designs
I’m hiding by something Jack brought down the beanstalk.

15. Nightmare Design
Time to read my favourite fairy tale.

16. Stitches Creations
Resting on the couch.

17. Dreamscape Wedding Design
Mind the steps.

18. Potpourri Designs
Take the Anywhere Door on the first floor, then follow the moonbeams.

19. Deluxe Body Factory
“There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold, and she’s buying a stairway to heaven …”

20. An Lema
To lie abandoned in the dark is what I dread. A book should see the light of day and be read.

I do love gift voucher

22. Almost Wonderland
Now that’s a Giant book!

23. Pirate Queen Designs (PQD)

24. Uni-qu3
dark side..  .open wide!!

25.  – SKIP -

26. .: Eclectic Stars :.
These are great for laying my head down at night and dreaming of fairy tales

27. PeKaS Design
check those cute boots

28. BLD
I’m feeling a touch of Group Mania.

29. B-Dazzled
“Come Sit…Let Me Read You A Fairytale”

30. Elegance by Elysa
Obviously, the best place to try on shoes

31. DressMe Designs
Its PRETTY Dark here

32. <ImPose>

33. Shanti Bohemian
If you wonder where to find this prize think of a place that is curiouser and curiouser, but with a twist!

34. Zuri’s Jewelry
Maybe you too will get lucky at Zuri Jewelry!

35.  Insanity’s Own
Snow in summer? What do u think this is..the movie frozen??? Blink…

36. Isis Boutique
If the Shoe Fits…

37. Starsong Creations
Can you tel me a Fairy TAIL?

38. .:*Connaught Empire*:.
“that tale where the girl follows a white rabbit”

39. ELEMENTAL JEWELRY (Store gone)
To find your prize you’ll need to walk down steps and to the right.  Now, go borrow a book from the big, beautiful blond lady.

40. Exquisite Jewellery
Check all the drawers

41. irrISIStible shop
search a face of rose …. (look in women section)

42. *StoryTeller*
I’m here…. under the sea.

43. Pink And Zain’s Wedding Store
There are so many wonderful things here, so don’t forget to slow down, take your time and smell the flowers along the way!

44. OMG! Inc.
I am blue and I need ‘A little this a little that’.

45. {.::GalaFashionDesign::.}

Look for blue

47. Stone’s Works
He loves you  he loves you not  –  you decide whether there is a happy ending!

48. ~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Down by the river a dream of fairytale seams to be,
overgrown huts, old trees and a hug waterfall, can you see?

49. Loveless Creations
Get Some

50. AVRO Wings
around and around we go!

We Can fix your dress !

52. Global Nomads

Have a seat.

54.  +Nova Nails+


Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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