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Fruity Hunt

HUNT SL Fruity HuntHunt Dates: Jul 15 – Aug 15

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 26
Hunt Object: Red Apple on a Prim (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Don’t you just want to bite down on a juicy apple when thinking about fruit? This hunt is all about nature’s candy!

Start: Regal Estate
Web Site:
Contact Person: PickledEgg Resident


Hints & SLURLS

1. Soul Designs Studios ( Moderate )
Cherries can be found in a cherry tree by the lake.

2. [KRC] Kalrayes Confections ( Mature )
Hanging with the summer strawberries

3. Lvs&co ( Adult )

4. Divine Diamond Productions ( Moderate )
I used to Fill Rooms but now I’m a tower, i can stay put or travel far…

5. -SKIP-

6. Nightmare Design ( Moderate )
yummmm pears

7. Stitches Creations ( Moderate )
Eeek a rat is after my apple!

8. Deluxe Body Factory ( Moderate )
“You’ll be my honeysuckle, I’ll be your honey bee …”

9. MISS JEWELL ( Moderate )
I do love gift voucher!

10. PB Designs ( Moderate )
Not quite a circle.

11. Lone Wolf Studio ( General )
You’d Be lucky to find this

12. Eclectic Stars ( Moderate )
Though chalky, these probably taste fruity too! (Probably)

13. Holli Pocket ( Moderate )
Apple bottom SWEATS, no need for jeans.

** Sonic is very fast **

15. Sour Pickles ( Moderate )
* Check Hint Giver *

16. -SKIP-

17. <ImPose> ( Moderate )
Its a window! Don’t lick it!

18. bees heaven shop ( Moderate )
I love to relax at the bees heaven set. Maybe i’ll find some fruits there?

19. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee ( Moderate )
Fruit is with the Fruit

20. Vips Creations ( Moderate )
I Love Footballers team!

21. Les sucreries de Fairy ( Moderate )
I love playing Gatchas

22. Hearth & Home ( Moderate )
Plums will feel quite toasty here!

23. A Lil’ Sum’em ( Moderate )
Jack’s your best bet!

24. isis boutique ( Moderate )
4 bright colors!

25. - SKIP –

26. Beauty is pain boutique 
Under some time a apple will shine


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