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Beached Bunny Hunt 4

HUNT SL Beached Bunny Hunt 4Hunt Dates: Jun 1 – Jun 15

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 58
Hunt Object: Sand Bucket
Hunt Theme: The Beached Bunny has gotten himself into a real mess. He has eaten too many Easter peeps and his fat behind is wedged in the sand and he can’t get out! To help him escape his sandy trap, and prevent a bad sunburn, collect all of the sand buckets and you’ll be given the location of the secret underwater prize room, with prizes from our 20 hunt sponsors. Don’t delay, the bunny is burning so get out there and start hunting for beach pails to help him out of his jam.

Start: Grumble 2
Web Site:
Contact Person: Allie Munro
Hints & SLURLs

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