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Femboy Hunt 5

HUNT SL Femboy Hunt 5Hunt Dates: Aug 1 – Aug 31

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 26
Hunt Object: Sculpt that says FEMBOY (L$2 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: The Zodiacs.

Start: Antovic
Web Site:
Contact Person: Taki Kujisawa


▨ ~*Souzou Eien*~

Hint: Behind the Madness lies the stars.
▨ VerseEye

Hint: Where the steel drums play
▨ F@C

Hint: They’re too cute to make you cry

▨ Jessis Furniture
Hint: Enjoy the Sun!

▨ .::[HTxDZ]::.

Hint: This is not a dirty slut house, it’s just owned by one.
▨ [QE] Designs

Hint: Have a seat and take a break.. hunts can be so exhausting.


Hint: Let’s sail away
▨ .:!FLAP!:.

Hint: Prost! Cheers! Skoal!

Hint: In a box
Hint: Make up: Gatcha prize.
          Boots: Don’t step on the kitty.

▨ [Earth's]

Hint: “singing stairway to heaven…lol naw not really but you will need them to find me”
▨ [Batsu]

▨ /Dark Matter/

▨ ~Glasgow Grin~

Hint: A ram can’t fly, so what is it doing up there?
[NOTE: FUTA FRIENDLY PRIZE! Prize has female characteristics - That means BOOBS on the mesh dress, all other pieces are usable by everyone! =D]
[NOTE #2: If the boys still want to wear this dress, .::[HTxDZ]::. sells STUFF-IT! TISSUES in store to pad bras and dresses with. They do wonders to “fill out” the dress!]
▨ Zinner Gallery

Hint: I am near Thor.

Hint: By the back door

▨ Insanya
Hint:  Down the stairs, around the corner

▨ Yumera

Hint: I could use a nap…

▨ Cake Fox

Hint: “Everything that you see, you see, you see – And we’ll get it for free, for free, for free – You can be what you wanna be – And tonight we’re the all stars” (Blush: All Stars)
▨ Raid Designs

Hint: look and you shall find the prize hidden in the skies

▨ Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop

Hint: Look at me in front of you, near the African tip jar!
▨ madcatcreations
Hint: between the mannequins
▨ Morphed

Hint: Marketplace Only Store

▨ Gomun Horangi

Hint: None needed.



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