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Beach Bum Hunt

HUNT SL Beach Bum HuntHunt Dates: Jul 1 – Jul 31

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate
Stops: 62
Hunt Object: Flip Flop (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Join the Beach Bum Hunt and get ready for summer! Pure relaxation on the beach with an ice cold drink and an awesome surf. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Start: Enchanted Oasis
Web Site:
Contact Persons: Ginger Emolite, Madeline Kozlowski


Hints & SLURLS

1. Store Name: The :Madness: Within
Store SLurl:
Hint: Paint those pretty nails…yes boys…you too!

2. Store Name: Untamed Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint: Want to earn some free Lindens while you fish?

3. Store Name: The Artist Shed
Store SLurl:
Hint: I call it a couch, you call it a sofa and Grandma calls it a Chesterfield

4. Store Name: NR Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint: Second Floor around TV area

5. Store Name: ..:HC Creations:..
Store SLurl:
Hint: Sit down on the “HCC Premium Line ~ Retro Chair Charlotte” and take a look under the table^^

6. Store Name: AVRO WINGS
Store SLurl:
Hint: Round and round we go!

7. Store Name: Blue Couture
Store SLurl:
Hint: Be sure they take your measurements correct  for  your new dress!!

8. Store Name: ! Beautiful Dangerous !
Store SLurl:
Hint: Look for the Bootylicious Babes

9. Store Name: Sabra Style
Store SLurl:
Hint: Feeling casual?

10. Store Name: ~Kitty’s Blanket~
Store SLurl:
Hint: Lets Take a Orange Breake from all this Stress.

11. Store Name: MISS JEWELL
Store SLurl:
Hint: who find the Franchising Pack get a treasure!

12. Store Name: C a r o X
Store SLurl:
Hint: Pier 100% Mesh

13. Store Name: Cupcake Clothing
Store SLurl:
Hint: Surfs Up

14. Store Name: Egoxentrikax
Store SLurl:
Hint: Makeup is waterproof you need to be perfect on the beach

15. Store Name: IncredibleCreative
Store SLurl:
Hint: You cannot find me?Than turn the light on

16. Store Name: Kandy Tattoos
Store SLurl:
Hint: Beautiful Day

17. Store Name: Tree House Treasures
Store SLurl:
Hint: please see hint box for the latest hint!

18. Store Name: Get Frocked
Store SLurl:
Hint: Dont Bin it … Win It

19. Store Name: Stitches Creations
Store SLurl:
Hint: Somebody lost their flip-flop on the beach!

20. Store Name: Twinkle & Dazzle
Store SLurl:
Hint: I’m a Midnight Maniac!!

21. Store Name: ~Shadow Moon~
Store SLurl:
Hint: I do love a carnival at the beach.

22. Store Name: :Pretty Kitty Design:
Store SLurl:
Hint: Made from antique sandalwood.

23. Store Name: Athy Designs Furniture
Store SLurl:
Hint: A Rubber Tree Plant

24. Store Name: Ro!Act Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint: Find the Butterfly Fabrics

25. Store Name: Bad Apple Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint: Come on in

26. Store Name: MadcatCreations
Store SLurl:
Hint: womens table
mens table

27. Store Name: Jaded Threads
Store SLurl:
Hint: Subscribe to what?

28. Store Name: The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
Store SLurl:
Hint: Flip Flops are usually with the beach wear.

29. Store Name: Limited Editions – SKIP
Store SLurl:
Hint: Luna’s Moon glow’s Brightly Over the summer Meadow

30. Store Name: Incendia Outdoors
Store SLurl:
Hint: Hint giver at Landing Point on sign

31. Store Name: Pinup Girls of SL
Store SLurl:
Hint: if you can’t find me come get me again here

32. Store Name: Xxxtasi
Store SLurl:
Hint: The Fishie Knows …

33. Store Name: Que Bella!
Store SLurl:
Hint: Expose yourself!!

34. Store Name: Ingenious Fantasy
Store SLurl: 
Hint: Kick your shoes off by the door..

35. Store Name: KAD Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint: Meow Meow- This Kitty is HOT!

36. Store Name: Bling Bling Home Decor & Gift Store
Store SLurl:
Hint: Play in the sand; splash in the water; get dirty; get wet. Of course kids love the beach!

37. Store Name: PRISM
Store SLurl:
Hint: I`m all about Casual especially winter casual

38. Store Name: Shhh!!! It’s a Secret
Store SLurl:
Hint: Harem today gone tomorrow

39. Store Name: Serendipity Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint:  I want to walk on the beach looking for Driftwood, do you see where I left my other flip flop?

40. Store Name: Kabuki Creations
Store SLurl:
Hint: mmmm, I could kiss These Lips for ever.

41. Store Name: X-Clusives Animations
Store SLurl:
Hint: Through the tulips you can dance.
Maybe even find a little ROMANCE.
After some contemplation,
You just need to find some QUIET ADMIRATION.

42. Store Name: Celtic Wolf
Store SLurl:
Hint:  I love to be a beach bum on those hot tropical nights.

43. Store Name: IMMORTALS
Store SLurl:

44. Store Name: Bomshie
Store SLurl:
Hint: All this greenery, Hmph.

45. Store Name: Cherry Blossom Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint 1: Cherry Blossoms fall from Cherry trees
Hint 2: Wishes the window overlooked the beach

46. Store Name: Holli Pocket
Store SLurl:
Hint:  Long, wavy, & pink!

47. Store Name: Ravnous
Store SLurl:
Hint: Get your foot in the door!

48. Store Name: C&P Casual Wear
Store SLurl:
Hint: In the Navy

49. Store Name: Alli&Ali Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint: Upstairs, close to the men’s hair mania board. Vendors are sorted alphabetically.

50. Store Name: Fairey Angel Creations
Store SLurl:
Hint: R.I.P.

51. Store Name: [ free bird ]
Store SLurl:
Hint: Group Gifts are great gifts

52. Store Name: *ToXiC*H*
Store SLurl:
Hint: The beach bum said gacha

53. Store Name: Naughty Naughty
Store SLurl:
Hint: Looking for Retro Revived

54. Store Name: *Bitsy Boutique*
Store SLurl:
Hint: Have a seat and enjoy the view!

55. Store Name: Living Vintage Southern
Store SLurl:
Hint: Looks like Rain … where did I put my umbrella?

56. Store Name: Texture Me True
Store SLurl:
Hint: join in to find the prize

57. Store Name: Lvs&co
Store SLurl:
Hint: Got the munchies? Look for the Cookie,Pizza and Nugget :D Get a Prize!!

58. Store Name: M-NUS
Store SLurl:
Hint: The way to find me is so SHORT

59. Store Name: Creations Kitchen
Store SLurl:
Hint: If you need a hint, you’ll need glasses

60. Store Name: POMPOSITY
Store SLurl:
Hint:  the Location might raise a brow

61. Store Name: Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Store SLurl:
Hint: Follow the path, i’m close to rugs hanging out to dry!

Make your way through this maze and find all the extra items form our sponsors!


Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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