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Suck It Hunt 2

SUCK IT HUNT 2Hunt Dates: Jun 1 – Jun 30

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 20
Hunt Object: Popsicle (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Find 20 hidden popsicles around the grumble sim. Male & female prizes.

Start: Grumble 2
Web Site:
Contact Person: Allie Munro


1-Suck it like cotton candy
2-Fat packs!
3-At the plaza! TP with a popsicle
4-On the light post
5-Rent me!
6-Under a piano
7-NEW wedding cake!
8-Lounging in the beach store
9-Board shorts
11-All about earrings
12-He’s gacha!
13-Oink oink
14-Boo! Bunny
15-Upcoming hunts
16-It’s a poncho
17-Cyber me
18-Did you know behind the women’s store is a floating patio?
19-Lady Luck

* * *

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