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HUNT SL Passion 4 Red HuntHunt Dates: Jul 14 – Aug 3

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 71
Hunt Object: Red Demon Head (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Red color.

Start: Valentine Heart Island
Web Site:
Contact Person: Circe Draegonne


Hints & SLURLS

Hint: **Let me tell your fortune**

Hint: My passion is burning me…

Kats Desire

2 Sweet Designs

Nightmare Design
Mens:  Is that an apple?
Ladies:  Rest well beloved.


Kabuki Creations
Hint: I could just Stand here and Cuddle with you all day.

:.::HOT STUFF::.:

Hint: “In Your Arms”

Saba’s Fashions

Hint: The lips aren’t red, but they do hide a secret.

lunamoon’s Creation Shop
Hint: Up the winding staircase to 2nd flr then turn to your left you will find me where you can’t see me but where you can see the water for miles…

Hint: stairs have footsteps … red has passion 


.: Fujiwara’s World :.
Hint: Omg a NEW red skirt!

***baci village***
Hint  In leather and Laces a bit of red is allways welcome

P.S I LoveYou Gestures

Hint: Take a walk through the daisies

nerd monkey

bees heaven shop
Hint: This apple has a passion for red too.

Hint: It sure smells all nice and flowery in here.

D&G Fashions

…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::…

Modas Second

Hint: tricky….feel the fire on wheel tires

Styled by Panda
Hint: We could be the perfect team, but why, oh why are you smiling at me?

*Wishful Thinking*
Hint: Hint in Hunt Board

Hint: look near hunt posters

Deluxe Body Factory
Hint: Have a break, have a … donut?

 AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
Hint: second floor : Men hint : do they have ties here? i must take a look at the vendors in them to see – Woman gift : i adore sexy but elegant mesh dress like the one the gift is …

Asahi Designs
Hint:  If its not Old it must be ________.

[ free bird ]
Hint: Frogs, frogs, frogs.

Never Totally Dead…
Hint: Fly across the moon

Hint: Follow the sparrows to find the prize,ask the manequin if you need help ;)

}}}Myrai Style{{{
Hint: Demons and Stars!

Lone Wolf Studio

Hint: Dont fall from stairs

Angelic Seductions


Marci’s Place
Hint: Hug the bunny


CMB Designs

Hint: Hidden between the hands, I am watching your every move

Hint: Daisy and Minnie are Best Friends….

Freya’s Finest Jewels

Sin Original

PB Designs
Hint: We can be creak but are mainly silent.

Pattie’s Passions
Hint: Just above the rise!

Busty Boutique
Hint: JOIN might be pink but that is close to red right?

Imagine Flowers and Garden
Hint: Red Balloons

B Barbie Style
Hint: Ring around the Rosies

.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop

Aly’s Shop
Hint: “I like to live in fantasy!”

Barely Legal Couture

loordes of london
Hint: by the back door


Slutwear by Lexi

Nevaeh Deisgns

Baby Girl Inc.

Goddess Couture
Hint: Maybe you can find me in the garden of  Eden


Firelight Creations
Male: I wish i could sing like my new friends. 
Female: Red, like me!

Deceitful Innocence
Hint: The Chickens run from the Cheshire cat…wait….thats chocobo!



Open 1995
Hint: Summer clothes or bikini?

Icarus Television

Fairey Angel Creations

Hint: Keep calm and hit a bong.

Second Rituelle

Kandy Tattoos
Hint: follow us


Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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