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Dog Days of Summer Hunt

HUNT SL Dog Days Of Summer HuntHunt Dates: Aug 1 – Aug 31

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 34 plus the Sponsors’ Maze
Hunt Object: A Thermometer (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: The dog days of summer. There will be a Sponsor Maze at the end of the hunt. Sponsors will have an additional hunt gift placed in the maze.

Start: Enchanted Oasis
Web Site:
Contact Person: Ginger Emolite


1. Store Name: The :Madness: Within
Store SLurl:
Hint: Look at all those sites you can view :Madness: items on!

2. Store Name: Stitches Creations
Store SLurl:
Hint: Well the snow certainly isn’t cooling me off much.

3. Store Name: *ToXiC*H*
Store SLurl:
Hint: Pretty in pink nail polish

4. Store Name: Lvs&co
Store SLurl:
Hint: it was a summer we won’t forget,look for our lil elephants for the prize you seek! Extra hint,ask a dummy!

5. Store Name: Hatter ‘n Hell
Store SLurl:
Hint: Almost a broken heart.

6. Store Name: Soul Designs Studios
Store SLurl:
Hint: In the heat of summer, purple lavender has such a sweet aroma.

7. Store Name: M-NUS
Store SLurl:
Hint: Find Me In The EVENT Room

8. Store Name: Fairey Angel Creations
Store SLurl:
Hint: Should you let sleeping ladies lay too?

9. Store Name: ..:HC Creations:..
Store SLurl:
Hint: I think you need to go to the toilet^^ Find the Dunny Outhouse near the weasel!

10. Store Name: PRISM
Store SLurl:
Hint: If you turn me on , I`ll Light up the place

11. Store Name: Holli Pocket
Store SLurl:
Hint: These crystals are on FIRE!

12. Store Name: Sweet Intoxication Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint: Brighten up your summer

13. Store Name: The Happy Hat
Store SLurl:
Hint: The Hunt Hints Howls where the gift awaits.

14. Store Name: The Artist Shed
Store SLurl:
Hint: Sandwiches are beautiful

15. Store Name: Get Frocked
Store SLurl:
Hint: Go to London to find the prize

16. Store Name: Grumble
Store SLurl:
Hint: Everyone needs a beach bag for summer! (Check the beach shop)

17. Store Name: AVRO Wings
Store SLurl:
Hint: I love to play in the water!

18. Store Name: Sabra Style
Store SLurl:
Hint: Your dog will jump for joy when he spies this favorite doggy pit stop. (Second floor)

19. Store Name: Kabuki Creations
Store SLurl:
Hint: These Two ladies sure know how to make a guy HOT.

20. Store Name: Twinkle & Dazzle
Store SLurl:

21. Store Name: KAD Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint: Feeling Lucky??? Lots of Goodies to be had at Midnight!

22. Store Name: Naughty Naughty
Store SLurl:
Hint: Guess you will have a Bird of Paradise with your Cocktail

23. Store Name: An Lema
Store SLurl:
Hint: Ice! Ice! Ice! No cream without ice!

24. Store Name: Open 1995
Store SLurl:
Hint: Houses on the mountain

25. Store Name: Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Store SLurl:
Hint: Follow the path: I love the Medieval Castles!

26. Store Name: Timeless Textures
Store SLurl:
Hint: Get Down, Get Funky…Get RETRO!!!

27. Store Name: Kandy Tattoos
Store SLurl:
Hint: i love  cherry!

28. Store Name: Que Bella!
Store SLurl:
Hint: You don’t want to risque missing this hunt gift!!

29. Store Name: [ free bird ]
Store SLurl:
Hint: A Sunday Tank is perfect for Summer

30. Store Name: Ravnous
Store SLurl:
Hint: Omega is HOT too!

31. Store Name: RJB Jewelry
Store SLurl:
Hint: The Hope diamond is blue in color and shines Brialliant.

32. Store Name: Living Vintage Southern
Store SLurl:
Hint: Mirror Mirror who is the fairest

33. Store Name: Alli&Ali Designs
Store SLurl:
Hint: On the short hair wall close to Witty. Vendors are sorted alphabetically.

34. Store Name: POMPOSITY
Store SLURL:
Hint: Dog Days of Summer Music



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