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Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2

HUNT SL Bleeping Bunny 2 HuntHunt Dates: Aug 1 – Aug 15

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 44
Hunt Object: Exclamation Point
Hunt Theme: That #$%@& Bunny! Running around, moving, hiding things and making a mess — can’t find anything when he is around. Welcome to the Bleeping Bunny Hunt- a hunt so hard you’ll want to curse! Every designer will provide you a hint, a riddle, or a scavenger hunt of clues to find the hidden exclamation mark! You’ll encounter decoys along the way, but stick with it and you’ll be rewarded. Our sponsors will be giving you some bleeping fantastic specials, freebies and mini-hunts in their stores- an extra bonus for your hard work! It’s the BLEEPING BUNNY HUNT 2 — meant to be hard — if it’s easy, why do it!

Start: Grumble 2
Web Site:
Contact Person: Allie Munro


Hints & SLURLS

#1   Grumble
#2  PDN’s Potpourri
What goes up, must come down
You will find me near something round

#3   .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms

Crazy, Insane, and Terrifying are just some of the adjectives you could use to describe this hunt. You may use the same to describe the location of our gift. Have fun!

#4  B!ASTA
Please use the in-store hint giver in the “Mesh clothes” store, near the stairs!

#5 Vero Modero

Under the ballerina i’m resting

C&N Designs
Never forget check the New Releases before leave our store

#7  Sky
A woman carries her clothes. But the shoe carries the woman.

#8 Evolving Pixels

I got hungry.

#9 Angelic Seductions

I could sit up here all day an watch you from here 

#10 MadPea Games

This Green Mire Swamp is bad.
It makes my head hurt and makes me Mad.
Perhaps a Nap is more than apt,
while I wait for the Plane to take me away.

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -

#11 Naughty Naughty

I like Rockabilly

#12 *Finishing Touches*

Follow the TREASURE MAP and take the WHEEL to steer yourself to the gift

#13 NerdMonkey

No cheat, just use the phone to call a good friend to help you

#14 + [ l u x u r i a n t ]

Sometimes Bad Bunnies Need Time-Outs

#15 *ToXiC*H*

Look for the R in the signs. That’s where it be. But what R?

#16 ~Mesh Glam~

Kiss a Minion or a DJ, Maybe its on some stairs, on a table with some chairs, or maybe its on a wall near some hair?

#17 BamPu Legacies


U can find me in the mouth of some… others, take me out.

#19 Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations

You Light up my life…

#20 OPAL

Look at me
It really was not easy
I am free
To do exactly what I please
So come with me
To a place where we can be ohhh oh oh oh oh oh ……..
I wanna touch the sky I wanna fly so high

#21 Munereia

Male: I want to go to the circus
Female: I want some cookies!!!

#22 LOoLOo & Platypus
*Please SKIP for now

#23 Motherfunken – ADULT

#24 Lok’s Low Prim Furniture
Employees must wash hands in the SINK before returning to work.

#25 Les sucreries de Fairy

Cherry dress is really great in summer (upstairs in woman section)

#26 Fi’s Creations

Blue Jeans

#27 Manjos 

Looking for something a little extra

#28 Stitches Creations
Been working so hard to get ready for the hunt that I needed to take a rest on this chair!

#29  Vips Creations

He always carry with him his axe no matter where he goes ,he adores monster fights so much all the way to his bones!!

#30 OMG! Inc.

There is a certain pink ‘Mistique’ about this gift.

#31 Kabuki Creations

Sing me another love song,*hums along* Truley mmmm Madly mmmm

#32 Top Katz

Yes it’s after the 4th of July but I think I will hide here anyway.

#33 Kaithleen’s

You use me often in fashion designing.

#34 Yay and Stuff

I love flowers, especially sunflowers!

#35 Firelight Creations


#36 Mishmash Fusion

The bleeping bunny always stops to smell the flora. 

#37 Visual Wonderland

That Bleeping Bunny loves hot pink!

#38 Isis Boutique

What day is a good day to be in love?

#40 Ink Blots
Down in the depths of the store,,,spiders linger.

#41 Darkmatter

What a sexy swimsuit!

#42 Paisley Daisy

It was said, that it was red and like colours stick together.

#43 <P3> Pixel Perfect Productions

I hear that Jokers are Wild on the 3rd Floor, but rumor has it that even the decoys are really gifts. Could that even be true??? Maybe it’s for the hunters who don’t need Slink shoes???

#44 The Wet Spot – ADULT


Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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