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Dirty Diva Hunt

HUNT SL Dirty Diva HuntHunt Dates: Aug 9 – Sep 9

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 52
Hunt Object: A Mascara Tube
Hunt Theme: Anything girly applies… clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories!

Start: Nice and Naughty
Web Site:
Contact Persons: Tara Mellison, Makayla Jua


Participating Stores & Hunt Hints!

1. Divalicious Designs -Hint:  Tea for Two

2. Dirty Laundry -

Hint: Sometimes all it takes is a little power

3. D&G Fashions -

Hint: Hows about a cupcake, Princess?

4. Fcdesigns -

Hint: Im close to the front

5. {D.o.R.k} -

Hint: No matter the team, there in it for the win!!!!

6. Kei -

Hint: Im near the stawberry

7. Motherfunken -

8. Aphrodisiac -

Hint: All that glitters is usually….sequins.

9. Aparecium -

Hint: Have a seat, and get your nails done in style.

10 Venomous Designs -

HInt: Look At The Flowers”

11. Diamond Style -

Hint: Inbetween Skins

12. Deadly Mouse -

Hint :I like pink!!

13. Genesis Creations -

Hint: When you’re going up, there is a way back down.

14. [M]eilio -

Hint: If it sits, it fits

15. Cheeky Cheebi Creations -

Hint: This Cupcake looks Delicious, and Cheap too

16. [ free bird ] -

Hint: Get your group gifts today!

17. .::Lidocaine::. -

Hint:  im all tied up

18. *~Sweet As Honey~* -

Hint: Move over Pens Stop pushing paper clips I wont be here long they will find me quick

19. Mochi Styles -

Hint: After a long day of hunting you need to take a break now.  So come on over and put your feet up have a glass of wine and relax.

20. Bump & Co. -

Hint: The bargains are high.

21..:.CoCoChes.:. Fashion & Skins -

Hint:  Still Not So Bad

22. Glitz -

23. Hooters -

24. Mute.  -

Hint: Take a ride on the hors…errrr.. zebra?

25. TOO Much -

Hint: I could use some good reading material.

26. Designs by Shalenda -

Hint: I’m comfy inside my own skin!

27. *ToXiC*H* -

Hint: Pretty in pink toxic barrel

28. {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures -

Hint: Red Light, Green Light, 1…2…3!

29. Busty Boutique -

Hint: A dirty Diva should never be in the corner

30. Deluxe Body Factory -

Hint: Where do we go? Sweet child o’ mine

31. Hollywood Fashion -

32. Erotipose -

Hint: Ohhhh yea, I like it in my slot, you dirty diva you!

33. DemotiK -

34 Que Bella! -

Hint:The Kitties know where all the good stuff is!!

35. i`piteme -

Hint:I’ve got my i on you

36. ***baci village*** -

Hint: psssst … the queen of the burlesque is a dirty diva!!!

37. Phat Bottom Girls -

Hint: its tasty and sweet and good enough to eat

38. Latex Station -

Hint: Be very careful when you open your prize Pandora has it and you never know what she may have put in the box.

39. Oooo LaLa Designs -

41. Second Rituelle -

42. Neveah Designs -

Hint: Gatcha’s are fun to play

43. Isis -

Hint:Sweet and Sassy!


Hint: We are open.


Hint: I hear Water..

46. blah.BLAH.blah -

Hint: I love to get all prettied up

47. :.::Hot Stuff::.:  -

Hint: Ohn nice group gift!

48. The Crossing -

Hint: Look behind bars

49. whispered dreams -

Hint: Nestled in the corner of the little store in the corner.

50. Shameless -

Hint: Lets Get Comfy, Alice.

51. [AsYLUM] -

Hint: Some say the ladies became CRAZED trying to look for this gift.

52. ~Winsome Twins~ -

Hint: Play with me some more…touch my body


Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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3 responses to “Dirty Diva Hunt

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  3. Lillian August 15, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Hooters #23 it won’t let you buy it. Thanks.

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