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Green Mire II: The Gathering

Green Mire IIHunt Dates: Sep 1 – Oct 30

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate
Stops: 30
Hunt Object: HUD Based Hunt (L$100 for the HUD)
Hunt Theme: The hunt begins at the Green Mire Swamp. Two boys have been missing for 10 years and the search parties have returned empty-handed. It looks as if the boys have vanished into thin air.
All the evidence points toward alien abduction.

The players will start to investigate the alleged alien encounter more and will have to make a choice.
The Aliens are returning. Will the players fight them or welcome them?

There are two paths to the story and the player chooses which path they wish to play. They can play both stories. One at a time. The player receives the prizes in the end.

Web Site:
Contact Persons: HOPE Leissa, Clicquot Oh, Tichelle Teebrook

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