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Twisted Hunt: Time Warp

HUNT SL Twisted Hunt - Time WarpHunt Dates: Sep 1 – Sep 30

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 110
Hunt Object: Cube
Hunt Theme: As you peer through the window, you can see a tunnel of light spiraling out from the singularity in the distance. This is where Time begins and ends – this… is where concepts are shattered, and rational thought gives way to a spiraling madness of clarity. An illusion of misdirection of truths, and a tapestry of spun truths clouded in lies. You drift closer to the event horizon. Time is slowing down, while all around you, everything is spinning out of control. You urge yourself forward…forward…always seeking the answer to a question long forgotten.

Stop. Rewind. Replay. Pause. Shift. Fast Forward. Your slate’s been wiped clean. No carbon footprint. No trace. No story, no songs to tell. Haste is just an illusion crafted by the mind – you have all the Time in the world. As we march forward on this mortal coil, pulling against the fetters that bind us to this spinning rock, Time will make us all equal.

Welcome to the beginning of a new Twisted Era. We’re rewinding the clock to show our true colors – all of them from the scarlet in our veins to the verdigris-painted skies. From the encroaching terror of darkness and the cold embrace of gunmetal from the depths of horror filled dungeons and rattling chains.

Start: Secrets of Gaia
Web Site:
Contact Persons: Rox Arten, Sredni Eel, Lokii Violet
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5 responses to “Twisted Hunt: Time Warp

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  5. Damien Myers September 8, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    To anyone who not done a twisted hunt before, they are really hard but so worth the time and effort needed to do them.

    Usually get awesomely great prizes

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