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Huntie Awards

The Hunties 2014 Award Show

The Hunter’s Choices Are: The Hunties Team

Favorite Women’s Fashion Gift
Cupcake Clothing

Favorite Women’s Accessories Gift

The Hunties stageFavorite Men’s Fashion Gift
Morte’s Seduction

Favorite Men’s Accessories Gift
Couture Chapeau

Favorite Footwear Gift
Skate World

The Hunties Dellybean NorthFavorite Jewelry Gift

Favorite Body Parts Gift (skin/shape/hair/make up)
Dulce Secrets

Favorite Poses/Animations Gift
Something New

The Hunties audience 2Favorite Home Furnishings Gift
Park Place

Favorite Garden/Landscaping Gift
Celtic Wolf

Favorite Building Components Gift (i.e. full perm)
Tool Shed

Favorite Hunt Theme
The Hunties audience 1
Scissor Happy Hunt

Favorite Organized/Organizer
Fun With Hunts
Ripley Rozenberg and Isabelle Torok

Favorite Grid Wide Hunt
Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt

Favorite Store or Sim Hunt


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