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Spooky Action at a Distance Hunt

HUNT SL Spooky Action At A DistanceHunt Dates: Oct 25 – Dec 24

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 13
Hunt Object: Revolving Double Helix
Hunt Theme: Albert Einstein’s perplexity concerning quantum entanglement led him to declare it “spukhafte Fernwirkung,” or “spooky action at a distance.” For this hunt, complete thirteen Quests to explore how we are affected by events in our universe that seem quite miraculous, and how we gain powerful understanding from even the subtlest of clues. Can we master hunches, intuition, coincidence, awareness, and serendipity? Collaborate to communicate complex ideas in sculpture. Learn and use the secrets of unscripted physics. Discover your untapped resources of patience, memory, logic and imagination while solving SL’s most complex 3-D Maze and our exclusive Labyrinth! Build new habits that transform your life! Some of the Quests involve scheduled events and will require your presence at specified times, but most are self-guided and can be accomplished at your own pace. Besides what you build during the hunt, prizes include clever machines and toys devised by our creative associates on Inspiration Island, plus unique works of art, valuable information for spiritual awakening, exclusive badges of rank, opportunities to display your own creations, and even Lindens! Click the poster at the start point for more information, and find the Hunt Helices for more clues!

Start: Inspiration Island
Web Site:
Contact Person: Thuja Hynes

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Watercolors in the Rain Hunt Quest

HUNT SL Watercolors In The RainHunt Dates: Oct 1 – Dec 31

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 10+
Hunt Object: White Raven
Hunt Theme: We are a Linden Endowment for the Arts Sim, based on the real life novel, Watercolors in the Rain, written by David Lavigne. Our theme is varied as our sim recreates actual chapters straight out of Mr. Lavigne’s novel. We have a Victorian setting, a druid grove, Dark Forest, and much more. The quest takes you through the sim. Our hunt items are den0ted by a white raven, from the novel.

Start: LEA29
Web Site:
Contact Person: Surreal Skytower

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Marketplace Hunt ~ LAST CHANCE!

HUNT SL marketplace-hunt-poster-v2-0Hunt Dates: Sep 18 – Oct 12

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 28
Hunt Object: Silver Treasure Chest
(most free but some will cost varying amounts)
Hunt Theme: Designers are offering their choice of a gift that reflects their store. The image of the treasure box will be found on the hunt gift picture.

Start: Cubby Hole Hunts
Web Site:
Contact Person: Cory Quinzet
No hints. Links are on the web site.

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