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atg5-signHunt Dates: Sept 26 – Oct 30
Application Deadline
: Sept 2
Application Site
: Sweet Intoxication Hunts

Type: Faire or Event
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Number of Merchants: 12
Event Theme: What is Gachapalooza you ask? Gachapalooza is gacha event that will run for a little over a month, starting on the hunt owner/organizer Chrissy’s Birthday and end a little over a month later. Taking love of gacha’s and music and smashing them together for a fun event. For this event you will need one themed exclusive item (anything birthday related, sky is the limit). Item must be new and never released before in store or on marketplace. During the event the exclusive must only be available at Gachapalooza, once event is over you can do as you wish. **Gacha items do not need to follow the event theme.**

Event Location: Winterfell
Web Site: Sweet Intoxication Hunts
Contact Person(s): Chrissy Sparrowtree

Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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