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The Underdog Event

Dates: Oct 14 – Nov 4
Application Deadline
: Oct 1
Application Site: Google Forms

Type: Faire or Event
Region Rating: General
Merchants: 40
Theme: What is the Underdog Event? The underdog event is an quarterly event created to discover NEW Designers as well as Older designers learning a new trade, wanting once again to be discovered in the new market. We’ve noticed an over saturation of certain designers in events with very little exposure or opening for new designers to get seen. If you are one of these designers, this event is for you! Well known, established designers are welcome to apply for a Sponsorship Spot. Those spots are limited and will be changed out each event so it holds true to the spirit of the event. This event is to support creativity and to be supportive to other designers exposure, to be seen for the skills they have. Sponsorship would mean you support this. Normally , there will be no theme. However, our kick off first event will be. Where this will be the first event & it will be during October, we’re going to make this one Fall/Halloween Themed. We want & expect to see your own unique, artistic, creativity. These means: No copyright infringement, NO Slap and Stick Texture brushes for Tattoos (Meaning you have to HAND DRAW them if you do them), NO Mesh Templates. Everything you put in MUST be hand made by you. The Coordinators of the event are Content Creators & Artists themselves so they will know the difference & what to lookout for.

Location: Isle RFyre
Contact Person(s): Minx Razor

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