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LoveFest 2018

Event Dates: August 17 – August 27
Application Deadline
: August 15
Application Site
: Google Forms

Type: Faire or Event
Region Rating: Moderate
Number of Merchants: 50
Event Information: We welcome talented creators from the horror, vintage, fantasy and other fields. Please visit our blog and see what is in store for this, our 7th, annual Lovecraft Festival of Second Life. Lovecraft Festival 2018 is scheduled for August 17-27, 2018, booked as always around Lovecraft’s Birthday – as the late, great H.P. Lovecraft turns (in his grave) 128 years old! Our visitors will enjoy shopping at the merchants quarter of our New England Coastal town, trying their luck at ever-popular Fuzzbutt Gacha Shack, or roleplay opportunities while they hazard to explore the Kingsport district, and beyond. They will also experience a week of sim-wide events and entertainment! Lovecraft Festival is treading along “the Path of Madness” this year… Lovecraft Festival is thrilled to take on this new and extremely intriguing theme – inviting our guests to visit the notorious Arkham Sanitorium of Arkham, Massachusetts… in the spirit of HP Lovecraft… being introduced to a particular inmate who has completely lost his mind, and possibly pursuing the clues that lead to discovering what drove this fellow insane, as well as learning what sort of unsettling trail is in this disturbed individual’s wake…

Event Location: Ravenheart
Website: LoveFest 2018
Contact Person(s): arikthered

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