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The Snowman Event

Event Dates: December 1 – December 25
Application Deadline
: November 25
Application Site
: Google Forms

Type: Faire or Event
Region Rating: Moderate
Number of Merchants: TBA
Event Information: Hello and welcome to The Snowman Event, By Razzles Events. We have three different options for the Event for you to choose from: 1. Sponsor Booths are L$200 and come with 50 prims. As a sponsor you also get a gatcha spot if you would like to participate in that part of the event. If you would like to participate check sponsor booth and gatcha sale on the application. 2.Regular Booths are L$100 and come with 25 prims. You can opt in to do the gatcha sale for an additional L$25 so the total price would be L$125. If you would like to participate check regular booth and gatcha sale on the application. 3.Gatcha sale are L$50 for your spot. This is just for the gatcha sale. Spots are limited: Sponsor Booths-8 Booths Regular Booths-26 Gatcha Spots-25 Theme: Snowman/Winter/Christmas You must have one item that is exclusive to the event. This item can not be something that you have for sale in your store for the duration of the event. I understand that we are all pressed for time with so many hunts and events going on so you may use an item already made in your store but it can not be sold anywhere else other then the event until the end of the event. Be respectful to everyone there!! Event sign must be rezzed and remain rezzed until the end of the event. Gifts are not mandatory but are highly recommended. If you provide a gift it must be set to group only and set to the Razzles Events group, We will provide a script for you to use. After you apply please allow some time for your application to be processed. Once we have processed it we will send you a Landmark to the Event Office where the Payment terminals are located.

Event Location: Blossom World
Contact Person(s): RazzlesEvents Resident

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