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April Showers Blooms May Flowers

Hunt Dates: May 22 – June 22

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Adult
Gifts: 22
Price of Gifts: L$5
Hunt Object: Flower Bouquets
Hunt Theme: Spring
Hunt Information: “It’s been raining like cats & dogs here the last month. April definitely set a mark with all the showers. Now, it’s May! Time is flying by and the pollen has reached it’s stage of extreme. All I do is sneeze all the time. It’s well worth it when I was surprised with so many flowers that had bloomed because of the rain we had. Beautiful bouquets everywhere! Different colors all ready for the peak of Spring. I took a few and set them in a beautiful see-thru vases to decorate the store. If You can find them all and collect, You will have an amazing Complete Spring Ensemble. Enjoy & Happy Hunting!” | Grab all the Bouquets for a Complete Fashion Ensemble All Hidden @ MELANGE !NC.’s Main Location. Look high, low, inside building/s etc. If you find All [22] you will have a Complete Fashion Ensemble. And ‘maybe’ some extra goodies … hehe Photo of the Ensemble in the Hunt >>> Click Hunt Poster @ Landing <<<

Location: Unbroken Isle
Contact Person(s): TeenaMarie Bressig

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2 responses to “April Showers Blooms May Flowers

  1. risa May 28, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    You can’t see the contents of the gift until you buy one. As a test, I bought “Tulip Colors_12” (ASBMF Hunt Item_12), and what I found was a “Glittery Gown – [SLINK PHYSIQUE]” and none for other bodies or sizes. I wonder if this is intentional. The notecard inside proudly says “you’re getting a Huge deal for $250L originally priced.”

    • MargeKinson May 28, 2019 at 1:40 pm

      I haven’t done this hunt but it says you have to find all 22 Flower Bouquets to get a complete fashion ensemble. I’m only assuming that means other sizes or types for mesh bodies. I would hope that the organizer would mention something if there was only a gown for the Slink body. Feel free to contact TeenaMarie Bressig to ask before you grab any of the other gifts.

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