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Hunt The Raven

Hunt Dates: October 21 – November 3
Application Deadline
: October 14
Application Site
: Google Forms

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: TBA
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Ravens
Hunt Theme: Halloween
Hunt Information: This is our very first hunt themed from the Realm of the Black Raven The plan is to have the hunt go through the two weeks near Halloween, beginning 21 October 2019 How the hunt works. The sim makes a couple free gifts (the amount is up to you.) The Sim Owner places their free gifts in the Hunt object and the hunters come by to search out your gift items while exploring your sim! The Sim Owner will provide clues to post on our website to help the hunters in finding your free gifts! We will provide the Hunt Objects to load your gifts as well as a Hunt Group Joiner for your Sim! We are asking an L$100 sim participation fee in order to help pay for advertising in order to make the hunt even more successful (if this is a problem please let us know) Why should you do it? The Hunt The Raven event gives like-minded, curious people the chance to see new sims, meet new people, see what’s more in the Gothic/Horror/BDSM scene than what they know already. People will come to your sim generating traffic and you could gain new customers or friends! We would love to have an abundance of new Gothic/Horror/BDSM themed sims of all sorts, from RP, to shopping, to discussions, to clubs, you name it! If you are Gothic/Horror/BDSM theme we want you!! So if you like what we have in mind and think it would be great to let people know your place/sim/etc. To see the webpage for this event please visit here: To join simply join this group: Hunt The Raven and fill out the form with your Sim details (Closing dates for applications is 14 October). Then contact me for a manager tag in the group so you can send out notices! Best regards BlackRaven Direwytch (LesleyAsh)
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/b952f9b8-dd78-8b29-140f-8f634805a639/about

Start: Mooon Light
Website: Hunt the Raven
Hints/SLurls: Coming Soon!
Contact Person(s): LesleyAsh Resident

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