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The Beehive Hunt: A Touch of Color

Hunt Dates: September 18 – September 24
Application Deadline
: September 5
Application Site
: Google Forms

Type: Grid Wide/Sim Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate
Stops/Gifts: 15+ (At our Sim, Plus Whoever Applies)
Price of Gifts: L$0-L$10
Hunt Object: A Bee
Hunt Theme: Autumn, Halloween, Colors of the end of Summer
Hunt Information: Summer’s leaving, it’s running away from us. Autumn’s starting to creep behind like that weird sibling you forgot you had. Are you crazy enough to try and drink that pumpkin spice latte that everyone hates? Or is it just peer pressure to hate the sugar overloaded drink that’s overpriced? We live in a virtual world, so we don’t have to deal with seasonal hay-fever – so let’s get into it! What can you make or design that is AUTUMN THEMED. Autumn? Cotton candy’s for summer, but you can start to see the fun-sized chocolate bars, the candy corn, and the spider webs lining the store shelves… Ok I lie, I saw a Christmas tree the other day and just about screamed. Autumn is the preparation for the coming seasonal holidays, the thanksgiving (Canadian and American), the Indigenous People’s day (Screw that Explorer, we’re recognizing the first nations from now on!), and well ok HALLOWEEN. This is part of the BEEHIVESL monthly goings – so if you’ve got a stall at the BEEHIVE EVENT – you’re in the hunt. Do look us up, as the more hunts we do the more we want to have fun!
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/15a54b8a-56fc-14f7-bd5b-6698906a4366/about

Start Location: Three Fates Island
Hints/SLurls: Coming Soon!
Contact Person(s): Tokyo Enyo

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