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The Kastle Club Quest

KKQHunt Dates: April 15 – June 15

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 8 clues to find 1 box or 3 gifts
Price of Gifts: L$297
Hunt Object: a Figure of a Person
Hunt Theme: Historic/Fantasy Hunt
Hunt Information: For something fun to do, I have made a quest for anyone to do at “The Kastle Klub”. It is a treasure hunt with hidden clues! All you have to do is come to The Kastle Klub and go and talk to the receptionist sitting by the entrance. She will tell you everything and get you started and give you your first clue! From there you be directed from one clue to another by talking to NPC figures around the sim. Each one gives you a text clue on who to see next and collect a letter of the alphabet from each. When you get all 8 letters they will spell out the name of something to find where the prize is hidden. You get a nice prize at the end of it and I hope some fun and a laugh as you travel around the land looking for each clue. Be sure to tell your friends! Open to everyone! The prize consists of 2 items of clothing and a skybox house!

Location: Spode
Contact Person(s): amcruising Resident

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