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Quest Fur Cover

QFCHunt Dates: October 1 – October 31
Application Deadline: September 18
Application Site
: Google Forms

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating:
Price of Gifts:
Hunt Object:
The QFC Logo
Hunt Theme:
Hunt Information:
A “grid-wide hunt” is when a group of designers come together via a hunt organization team (Becky Doulton and Amethyst Crystal, in this case!) who chooses a theme for their hunt. Each of the merchants participating in the hunt will hide a hunt icon in their shop, and will provide a hint to help you locate it. Inside of the hunt icon is a free prize that fits that theme! But beware, some stores may hide hunt icons that don’t contain prizes! These are decoys meant to make the hunt more challenging! QFC is held every April and every October (Halloween/Fall theme) Note: As of 2020 all communication will be done in world through QFCManager Resident to avoid confusion along with us using a new ad board system we can update via the server giving merchants less work to do to get set up! Feel free to friend QFCManager if you’re wanting to take part in the next QFC or if you have questions!
Hunt Group:

Start: Furry
Furry in Second Life
Coming Soon!
Contact Person(s):
QFCManager Resident

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