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Free Dove Monthly Hunt – GGVG and D!vine Style

FDSHHunt Dates: September 9 – September 30

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 20
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Two Objects: (GGVG- A Bird), D!vine Style (A Macaron)
Hunt Theme: Featured Designer(s): GGVG and D!vine Style
Hunt Information: September Hunt! Time flies and all Free Dove Hunts have been a blast since January 2021! This is now September. We are ready for another super hunt! GGVG and D!vine Style Here is some info about them: ~ fly (looseer)… Super Creative designer that enjoys to work at her main store and make it a gorgeous location for her incredible designs. Lots of elegance is what you see when you visit this main store. From long dresses to casual classy all ladies feel special when wearing her items. Her mind is always thinking what is next to create that will bring the elegance to her mainstore? But whatever inspires here wins! Oh! and GGVG that stands for GUGUVAGA Fashion. She joined Free Dove this year and has enjoyed other activities within the Dove Wings Signature venues such as BUNDLES Event and hunts at Free Dove. ~ Dollen McMillan and Dyannia… Both creative SL residents and good friends that have been dedicating their SL time to the rental business of skyboxes, land parcels & houses for many years and using the now popular and unique texture hud for their rental interior decoration with over 10,000 textures. However, back in 2010, they both decided to start their fashion business by incorporating this unique texture hud with the use of mesh models since ladies just love having tons of choices with their clothes. Experimenting this idea is how they continue and now a days designing and their rental business. Ladies now you can have so many choices with their clothing using their huds.
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/2b6ea148-253e-325d-bf8b-f7eeb8c25dae/about

Location: Gallii
Website: The Free Dove
Contact Person(s): Palomma Casanova

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