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Kodomodachi – Halloween Lane

HLEvent Dates: October 20 – October 31
Application Deadline: October 19
Application Location: Send notecard to astridmoongazer resident

Type: Event
Region Rating: Moderate
Number of Merchants: 20
Event Information: So excited to present Kodomodachi Event We are a new kids and family event that will be the last two weeks of every month, Our main focus will be kawaii for kids and such, but during holidays we will do a special event theme. As a grand opening our current Halloween event will be free and donations are welcome but not required! all donations go to the rental of the land. Requirements are 1 free item for the trick or treat lane porches, kids will click on buckets and get a treat, or it can be a trick, like a joke item, or something gag like and fun. or it can be a treat type item, does not have to be candy but must be a created item. **This does NOT need to be a new item. Items do not have to be new just discounted!** You are allowed 20 prims to decorate your door any way you like for Halloween. You also have a stall with 20 prims to sell your Halloween items, lets make this fun!, I’m so excited to see this come together thank you so much.

Event Location: Pixiboop Island
Contact Person(s): astridmoongazer resident

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