Grid Wide, Sim & Store Hunts. HUNT SL is your tool for finding them all!


Hunt SL AD PicDonations

I have placed a donation jar in the Hunt SL office for those who would like to support the site.

People have been sending donations to me directly and asking me to put something out, so I’ve gone ahead and done that.

Please don’t feel pressured to donate. Submitting hunts to the site is always free (and will remain so).

The Hunt SL domain registration and site plan cost money each year. Any donations will go toward that.

You can visit the Hunt SL office HERE if you would like to donate.

Site Updates/Spam

I will no longer be updating the Hunt SL site on Saturday or Sunday. I will do my best to update the site as frequently as possible during weekdays.

If you submit and don’t see your hunt or event on the site, contact me. A lot of submissions have been going into the spam folder. When this happens, I don’t receive a notice letting me know there has been a submission.

The Huntie Awards

Voting for the 2023 Huntie Awards is on now! When you find a Hunt or a Gift that you love, please don’t forget to nominate it!

In the meantime…Happy Hunting Season!

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