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The Silence of the Lamps

SOTLHHunt Dates: October 23 – December 3

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 7 gifts + 1 free bonus
Price of Gifts: L$10
Hunt Object: A Bloody Bone
Hunt Theme: Crime & Horror
Hunt Information: Absinthe, Art & Angels – The Silence of the Lamps STORE HUNT 7 gifts @ 10 L$ + 1 FREE bonus. The line between good and evil runs right through every human heart, so the step from light into darkness is possibly just a little one. Fortunately not many of us do this step, except in art, movies, and, of course, here in Second Life. In SL nearly everything is possible, and I confess I had lots of fun creating some gory, scary, grungy treats for my annual store hunt. “The Silence of the Lamps” is a special dedication to crime and horror, and if you follow my hints you will find 7 brand new goodies + a free bonus, the silent lamb lamp. Look for 7 bloody bones. Happy hunting! Hugs, Ascarion.

Location: Deadwood
Contact Person(s): ascarion

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