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[M] Struck By Love! Hunt

SBLHHunt Dates: February 2 – February 28

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Adult
Gifts: 15
Price of Gifts: L$5
Hunt Object: Arrows
Hunt Theme: Holiday, Love, Valentine’s Day, Sweetness
Hunt Information: Love is in the air! It’s that time of year to express your love & be kinder. Love is the strongest & most powerful emotional force in our galaxy. Make it special for someone you love. Do nice things for people. Invite that special person to an adventurous outing. Volunteer somewhere to help your community. Be compassionate towards others. There are so many ways to share & spread love. If the world needs anything more, it’s true genuine love. Collect arrows for a fabulous Valentine’s Day Ensemble. Enjoy! Happy Valentines Day! Happy Hunting! All Hidden @ various locations. Look high, low, in & around the whole area, etc. If you find All [15 Total] you will have some great fashion items and/or home decor. And ‘maybe’ some extra goodies…hehe.

Location: Persephone Core
Contact Person(s): TeenaMarieBlossom

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