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Silk Road XIV: Pax Mongolia and the Royal Highway

SRXIVHunt Dates: June 1 – June 30
Application Deadline
: May 30
Application Site
: Google Forms

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating:
Price of Gifts:
Hunt Object:
A Pagoda
Hunt Theme:
The historical Royal Highway from Mongolia to Europe
Hunt Information: Spanning multiple regions, Mieville’s Silk Road XIV: Pax Mongolia and the Royal Highway, takes hunters back in time down the Royal Highway from Mongolia to Europe, to gather free gifts throughout the grid-wide hunt, and explore a variety of shops in the Mongolian and European themed event spaces. We invite everyone to join the Mieville Historical Hunts group (also free) for event info, and to join the social events and the fun!

Start: Mieville Doyle
Mieville Historical Hunts
Silk Road XIV
Contact Person(s):
annakari genesis

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