Grid Wide, Sim & Store Hunts. HUNT SL is your tool for finding them all!

Cast Your Vote!

This is the online ballot form for the Hunties, the awards given annually for the best Hunts, hunt gifts and hunt organisers in Second Life.

Balloting ENDS at 11:59 pm SLT on December 31st, 2019.

Second Life Avatar Names required (no display names). This information will be treated in strict confidence.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have the full name of the Gift, the Designer/Store and the name of the Hunt (example: Sally’s Cozy Chair – PattyMelt/Decor Chair Inc. – The Cozy Hunt). In the case of favorite hunt or hunt organizer please have the full name of the Organizer/Organization and the name of the Hunt (example: The Onion Party Hunt – Miles Manly/Manly Hunts).

All required information must be listed. Leaving out the name of a hunt, what the hunt gift was or the name of a store or creator can lead to an invalid nomination that will not be counted.

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