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Submit An Event

Please fill this form in as completely as you can. All required fields must be filled in or your submission will not be posted.

I am aware that organizers of some events, like charity events don’t have access to the sim where the event is being held until a certain date. If that is the case with your event please fill out the event location portion of the form as follows: TBA and the date you will have access to the sim. You will be contacted on the date provided and asked for a location SLurl, if one is not provided by the start date of the event your listing will be removed from the site.

IMPORTANT: If you are having a hunt please fill out the submit a hunt form, if you are having an event/hunt combo please fill out the submit an event/hunt combo form. This form is for events only.

HUNT SL POSTING POLICY: Hunt SL posts news about grid wide, sim and store hunts as well as unique events. Submissions for sales/sales rooms, contests and recurring events such as monthly events/events with ’rounds’ will not be posted. We are pleased to offer you advertising for your venue. Please see the advertising tab for details.

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