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Missing Money Hunt

Hunt Dates: February 26 – April 26

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Adult
Gifts: Approx. 30
Price of Gifts: Approx. $250 linden EACH gift (most gifts totally unique design)
Hunt Object: 1. A Treasured Chest with Money 2. Letters to form a Saying 3. Free Gifts
Hunt Theme: No Theme
Hunt Information: This is our first Hunt for 2019 and follows a number of successful others. All clues and other information are in English. Many FREE Gifts will be found along the way, however the key word is ‘found’ as Hunters will need to search for them. These Gifts are separate from the main prize and available to all participants. ALL gifts must be accepted and RANDOM money prizes ranging from 1 Linden to $50 linden are available to FIRST Finders. There is no time limit on the Hunt. Frequent clues may be mentioned in our publications and Chats. You must JOIN our FREE GAMEZONE Group.

Location: Sunset Palm Resort
Contact Person(s): Cruisecontrol Resident, Deb Aristocarnas

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