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World Tour 2020

Hunt Dates: March 21 – April 21
Application Deadline
: March 16
Application Site
: Kastle & Co. Events

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 75
Price of Gifts: L$3
Hunt Object: Globe on a Stand
Hunt Theme: Culturally themed by continent
Hunt Information: We started this hunt in 2014 so here’s to half a decade of celebrating world culture and travel. This hunt has 5 paths, Africa, Asia, [Australia, Antarctica & S America,] Europe and N America. Where will you go? Our hunts are arranged in paths of around 15 stores each and hunters have let us know they love being able to do the hunt in smaller chunks. Each path is continent themed and the prizes will reflect countries and cultures located on/within that continent.
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/efa6fb32-86aa-73d5-a1b5-2e630543ac1a/about

Start: Grand Isle
Website: Kastle & Co. Events
Hints/SLurls: Please Visit Kastle & Co. Events Website
Contact Person(s): Spooky Mistwallow
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Easter In Wonderland Event

atg5-signEvent/Hunt Dates: March 13 – April 13

Type: Event/Sim Hunt
Region Rating: General
Number of Merchants/Hunt Gifts: Merchants 40/Hunt Gifts 42
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Easter basket (with 3 eggs and a ribbon)
Theme: Easter and Spring
Information: We cordially invite you to visit the Easter In Wonderland Shopping Event and Egg hunt! Here you will find everything Easter and Spring related from decorations to outfits. The treasure hunt items are little baskets with eggs and a ribbon. Touch them to receive gifts. Enjoy!

Location: Wonderland Beach
Web Site: Wonderland Beach Events
Contact Person(s): Alice Klinger

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Easter Hunt

Hunt Dates: March 15 – April 15

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 43
Price of Gifts: L$2-L$5
Hunt Object: Easter Basket
Hunt Theme: Holidays
Hunt Information: the Easter bunny has hidden 40 Easter baskets for you in a beautiful romantic forest. if you search more closely you will also find 3 special baskets with special gifts. grab them all!

Location: Talyn
Contact Person(s): Rani Rosenhauch

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You Found Me Hunt 4 – A Timeless Textures 10L Store Hunt

Hunt Dates: March 1 – April 15

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Adult
Gifts: 12
Price of Gifts: L$10
Hunt Object: You Found Me Kitty picture (in a black frame)
Hunt Theme: A Variety of Texture Types
Hunt Information: Timeless Textures is once again holding it’s spring store hunt, the You Found Me Hunt 4. You will be hunting down the You Found Me Kitty to find 12 Brand New Releases for just 10L each! Hints and pics will be provided for your convenience. Simply stop by the Timeless Textures Main Store any time between March 1st and April 15th and touch the You Found Me Hunt 4 poster (Look UP!) for info on how to start finding these NEW treats for just 10L each!

Location: Atiyas Landing
Contact Person(s): Xzavia Yifu

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DLS – The Darkness Inside 4 Hunt

Hunt Dates: March 25 – April 25
Application Deadline
: March 10
Application Site
: Dirty Little Secret Hunts

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 36 (73 Gifts Total)
Price of Gifts: 2 – 1L$ Paths (Female/Male), Plus a 25L$ Our Little Secret Path (in support of merchants)
Hunt Object: Black Candle – Each path will have own color flame (Female Path – Pink Flame, Male Path – Blue Flame, OLS 25L$ Path – Red Flame)
Hunt Theme: TDIH – Refer to hunt info!
Hunt Information: Welcome to Darkness Inside 4 Hunt What awaits you in the dark? Darkness Inside can refer to many things. It can fit many themes. You can share what the darkness inside means for you! Hunt is open to PG and Mature & Adult Sims. Absolutely no children’s stores regardless of sim rating. This is mature/adult hunt. HUDS will be in signs along with NC complete with Hints/Slurls and all info needed.
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/db38f8b4-1287-b26b-61f9-07a77de7bef3/about

Start: Female & Male Path/OLS 25L$ Path
Website: Dirty Little Secret Hunts
Contact Person(s): Lynn Pooley
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