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LEIGH Winter Glam Hunt

Hunt Dates: December 5 – December 15

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 12
Price of Gifts: L$10
Hunt Object: A Candy Cane
Hunt Theme: Winter holiday Women’s Fashion and Accessories
Hunt Information: LEIGH Mainstore proudly presents the Winter Glam Hunt, running December 5, 2019 – January 15, 2020. Twelve sophisticatedly glamorous prizes in beautiful holiday colors have been designed specially for you! Fitmesh dresses for a variety of bodies, lingerie, furs, bags, shoes, jewelry sets, and floral bouquets all coordinate with each other and all come with color/texture changing HUDs. Find all 12 candy canes for only 10L each to look fabulous this holiday season! A magical winter wonderland has been created for the hunt location! Come skate by the light of the moon under softly falling snow surrounded by woodland creatures and enchanting lights. Free hot chocolate and animated ice skates are available at the Winter Wonderland booth! The special hunt location teleport/landmark is available in the Mainstore (and is also located on the LEIGH sim). Hunt hints are available at the store front desk and at the hunt location. Don’t miss these prizes at the special price of 10L! Thank you for supporting – LEIGH – high quality women’s fashion, and Happy Holidays!

Location: Sentinel
Contact Person(s): ChrystaLeigh Resident

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Reindeer Hunt

Hunt Dates: December 6 – December 14

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 20
Price of Gifts: L$10
Hunt Object: A Reindeer
Hunt Theme: Christmas
Hunt Information: Scattered throughout the 2019 Winter Showcase are tiny reindeer! Find each reindeer and pay the 10 lindens fee and you will receive a prize! 100% proceeds of the hunt goes to Team Diabetes of Second Life!

Location: Water Haven
Website: Team Diabetes SL
Contact Person(s): Johannes1977 Resident
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AdelleArts Winter Garden Hunt

Hunt Dates: December 1 – Janauary 31

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 15
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Ice Cubes
Hunt Theme: Winter
Hunt Information: AdelleArts Winter Garden Hidden in the Winter Garden and Cellar 10 complete Female outfits & 5 complete Male outfits…ALL FREE! Follow the signs to the Winter Garden entrance. Prizes are numbered 01 – 15 The prizes are hidden in Ice Cubes. Just click on them and buy the contents for 0L$.

Location: Dokkaebi
Contact Person(s): Ellie Honi

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The Snow Day Cart Sale + Hunt

atg5-signEvent/Hunt Dates: December 1 – December 31

Type: Event/Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Number of Merchants/Hunt Gifts: Merchants 30/Hunt Gifts 31
Price of Gifts: L$2
Hunt Object: A Candy Cane
Theme: Seasonal
Information: BuenaVista is snowed in for the Snow Day cart sale and hunt. Browse 30 wintery carts each with a themed and L$10 item. Enjoy the cold as you roam the sim searching for candy canes that contain L$2 hunt gifts, one from each participating merchant. No Lindens no problem, there are gifts and seasonal fun for everyone!

Location: BuenaVista
Web Site: I Heart the Cart
Hints/Gift Photos: The Snow Day Hunt
Contact Person(s): MargeKinson Resident

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Botanica’s Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt

Hunt Dates: December 1 – January 6

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 13
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Gift Box (with Numbered Wrapping Paper)
Hunt Theme: The Twelve Days of Christmas
Hunt Information: The Twelve Days of Christmas is a favorite Christmas Carol, but what is the meaning of all those gifts? Botanica’s 12 Days of Christmas Hunt will not only answer those questions but gives a gift to help you remember each day. Enjoy wandering Botanica’s winter wonder land and collect all 12 prizes to win a Grand Prize of a Flying Swan Sleigh.

Location: Blue Moon
Contact Person(s): Cara Cali

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Sugarplum Fairy Hunt

Hunt Dates: December 1 – Janauary 1

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 12
Price of Gifts: L$5
Hunt Object: A Frost Pixie Fairy
Hunt Theme: Holidays/Christmas/Winter
Hunt Information: Tis The Season for the Sugarplum Fairy! She has sent out her Frost Pixie Fairies on a Mission to spread of bunch of Magical Christmas Love through-out the Shopping District. So, they had a sparkling good time flying around collecting sugar plums. Its a big job and there’s so many yummy sweet plums awaiting your arrival. However, they got lost and never touched base with the Sugarplum Fairy. She is worried because all sweetness will be lost without the sugarplums. Christmas will be less magical. Cant you find them?! They are hiding giving you a bit of a Christmas Festivity Hunting to find them. If you find all of the pixie fairies, each one will give you a sweet sugar plum. Be sure to find all the Frost Pixie Fairies for a Complete Christmas Holiday Fashion Ensemble that you will love! Thank you for helping the Sugarplum Fairy find her Frost Pixie Fairies!” Grab all the Frost Pixie Fairies for a Complete Fashion Ensemble All Hidden @ MELANGE !NC.’s Shopping District. Look high, low, inside building/s etc. If you find All [12] you will have a Complete Fashion Ensemble.

Location: Nadril
Contact Person(s): TeenaMarie Bressig

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J & I’s Farm Christmas Hunt

Hunt Dates: December 1 – December 25

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Adult
Gifts: 25
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Christmas Presents
Hunt Theme: No Specific Theme
Hunt Information: Santa will add a Christmas present everyday. Starting on December 1st and the last present will be added on December 25th.

Location: Sunset Paradise
Contact Person(s): Isaatje Kline

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Tay & Hig’s 2019 Holiday Hunt

Hunt Dates: November 20 – December 31

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: General
Gifts: 25, many with multiple items inside. More being added!
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Wrapped Presents (with a bow and different colors of paper)
Hunt Theme: Christmas, Holiday and Winter
Hunt Information: On our stunning holiday-themed island, we have hidden over 25 free presents! Simply find a box like the examples at our landing (though they may have different wrapping papers)… and buy it for zero (0) dollars! Many of our gift boxes have multiple prizes inside! All prizes are either high-quality Holiday wearables, winter-themed home & garden items, or decorations, and all are for both men and women! More being added and switched on a regular basis! HINTS: Look mainly in obvious spots. Go where people might congregate like a building. Or look near a landmark like a fence, bridge, or bench. We will not try to fool you with boxes embedded inside something, or up in hard to reach spots. The boxes are easy to find – similar to the ones at the landing. Check in each shop and in corners of buildings. And for some really obvious gifts, look under Santa’s tree! Collect them all, and you can furnish an entire log cabin inside and out, INCLUDING the cabin! WE WILL SWAP ITEMS OUT AT TIMES. Please feel free to come back with a friend to enjoy all the gifts and more! While you are at our hunt location, check out the decorations, visit with Santa, ride a free horse, have some yummy goodies, take some awesome photos, and shop for some of the finest costumes in SL from TFF and Hig’s.

Location: Wind Struck
Website: The Virtual World Educator
Contact Person(s): Tayren Theas

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The Cookie Jar Christmas Event & Holiday Home Hunt

atg5-signEvent/Hunt Dates: December 1 – December 21
Application Deadline
: November 23 (by noon)
Application Location
: Michigan Bay

Type: Event/Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate/General/Moderate/Adult
Number of Merchants/Hunt Gifts: Merchants 14/Hunt Gifts 14
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: A Small Colorful House
Theme: Winter Holidays – Home and Garden
Information: The Cookie Jar is holding a Christmas Market – A Giving Tree – A Holiday Hunt and a 1st Big Prize Raffle! Please watch the Cookie Jar website for more information!

Location: Michigan Bay
Hunt Start: Michigan Bay
Web Site: The Cookie Jar
Hints/SLurls: Holiday Home Hunt
Contact Person(s): PurpleSnow Huntress

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MagicWinter Harambee Charity Fair + Hunt

Event/Hunt Dates: December 1 – January 22
Application Deadline
: November 30
Application Site
: Google Forms

Type: Event/Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Number of Merchants/Hunt Gifts: Merchants 30+/Hunt Gifts 30+
Price of Gifts: L$1
Hunt Object: An Red Giftbox
Theme: Seasonal or Free Theme
Information: A fascinating Charity Fair and a great meeting between talented designers, showing products and fashion items, home – garden and full perm. This event supports an important cause to help the children of IKSDP-Harambee Gwassi schools in Kenya! Really special creations, a gift on each cart and an incredible treasure hunt (over 30 MagicWinter gift boxes for 1 linden). Garden Art installation of Ciottolina Xue – Poems by Seta Rosea and photos by Magda Schmidtzau and Lorys Lane.

Location: Imperial Ar
Website: Bunny Isles
Contact Person(s): Loredana Loring

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Wonderland Christmas Market & Treasure Hunt

atg5-signEvent/Hunt Dates: December 1 – January 6
Application Deadline
: November 25
Application Location
: Long Beach

Type: Event/Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Number of Merchants/Hunt Gifts: Merchants 40/Hunt Gifts 40
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Small Gift Boxes with Light Blue Ribbons
Theme: Christmas & Winter
Information: We cordially invite you to participate in and visit the Wonderland Christmas Market! 40 talented Creators from all over the grid present their most recent themed creations, and each booth provides a gift in the treasure hunt. There is a booth decoration contest going on as well, so definitely something worth seeing. We open officially on the 1st December. Come enjoy the beautiful scenery, take pictures, pick up gifts, do your Christmas shopping, skate the frozen lake, eat some roasted chestnuts and who knows which other fun activities you find here.

Location: Long Beach
Web Site: Wonderland Beach Events
Contact Person(s): Alice Klinger

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Dressedella Winter Christmas Hunt

Hunt Dates: November 9 – December 30

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 30
Price of Gifts: L$1-L$5
Hunt Object: Small Red Christmas Bag
Hunt Theme: Winter/Christmas
Hunt Information: Santa Claus has lost some of his gifts. look for they and grab them all. He lost 30 small red bags. Inside are clothes for woman or funny stuffs. You find the small bags around from the event. Good Luck and fun.

Location: Sorens
Contact Person(s): Rani Rosenhauch

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Snow Bunny Hunt

Hunt Dates: December 1 – December 31
Application Deadline
: November 1
Application Site
: Short Leash

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Adult
Gifts: 50+
Price of Gifts: L$10-L$25
Hunt Object: A Present
Hunt Theme: Winter/Adult/Kinky/Pet Play/Holiday
Hunt Information: Baby, it’s cold outside but the snow bunnies are on the hunt! The Snow Bunny Hunt is a sim-wide adult winter hunt at A Town Called Short Leash. Designers will be allowed to use all public areas of sim to place their hunt items. Hunt items should be winter/holiday/Xmas/pet play/kinky/adult related – they can be PG or kinky. You could make kinky items or winter décor that anyone could use. Please keep within the theme. REMEMBER, THIS IS AN ADULT HUNT! The hunt will run from December 1st through 31st, with all hunt items returned from sim on Jan 1st. The hunt is open to the public and will be advertised on Seraphim, as well as other SL media outlets. Please have all items rezzed on sim and ready to go no later than November 29th.

Location: Jumpers
Website: Short Leash
Hints: Snow Bunny Hunt
Contact Person(s): shortleash resident, millicentbranwen resident
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MadPea’s Captain Burbridge Quest

Hunt Dates: Ongoing

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: General
Gifts: 1
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Bottles of Rum
Hunt Theme: Pirates
Hunt Information: Arrr! So ye thought ye saw the last of Captain Burbridge, the legendary pirate, eh? For 500 MadPoints you can join Captain Burbridge’s pirate crew and help him dig for buried treasure, but can he be trusted to keep his end of the bargain? Earn an all new achievement and reward in our latest NPC quest! Head to Adventureland on the Pirate Docks to start your quest! You will need to wear the MadPeas group tag to play. Not a member? The group is free to join! Good luck and have fun mateys!

Location: MadPea
Website: MadPea Games
Contact Person(s): quiggles78

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