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Escapades and Stitches Creations Annual Pumpkin Hunt

Hunt Dates: Oct 1 – Nov 30

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate/Adult
Prizes: 50
Hunt Object: Pumpkins (in various shapes and colors)
Hunt Theme: Autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving

Location: Adored
Contact Person(s): Stitches Bade

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AdelleArts Haunted House Treasure Hunt

Hunt Dates: Sept 1 – Oct 31

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate/Adult
Prizes: 15
Hunt Object: A Silver Casket
Hunt Theme: Hidden in the Haunted House & Garden: 10 Complete Female outfits & 5 complete Male outfits……ALL FREE! We are giving away outfits to the value of L$3600. Follow the signs to the Haunted House entrance. Prizes are numbered 1 – 15 The prizes are hidden in silver caskets. Just click on the lid and when it opens just buy the box inside for 0L$. Have fun and you’ll have to find the hidden dungeon to find all the prizes!

Location: Dokkaebi
Web Site: AdelleArts
Contact Person(s): Ellie Honi

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The Renaissance Hunt and Faire

atg5-signEvent/Hunt Dates: Sept 1 – Sept 30

Type: Faire or Event/Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate
Number of Merchants/Prizes: 70+
Hunt Object: A Green Gargoyle
Theme: The 7th annual Renaissance Hunt and Faire, in the theme Kings, Queens, & Fools! Treasures await you! Join in the grid-wide main hunt, in-sim mini hunts, theme market, music, dances, and other fun activities. Huzzah!!

Location: Mieville Shelley
Contact Person(s): Perryn Peterson

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The Mesh Cloud Twisted Hunt

Hunt Dates: Sept 1 – Sept 30

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Prizes: Collect 10 boxes to win your choice of 3 prizes
Hunt Object: A Coloured Box
Hunt Theme: Think the Twisted Hunt is too easy? Why not try this side hunt on your way round? Store #14 and a sponsor of the Fall 2017 Twisted Hunt. Collect 10 different colours of boxes to win your choice of prize (you can enter as many times as you want to grab all three!) Think TPing your friends or using area search will help? Think again! The boxes move when found and there are thousands of prims named object owned and created by Dassni on the sim! Hints available on the prize give near the landing point when the hunt starts or visit the Mesh Cloud website.

Location: Penrose
Web Site: The Mesh Cloud
Hints: Cloud Hunt
Contact Person(s): Dassni

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Burlesque Hunt

Hunt Dates: Sept 1 – Sept 30

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Prizes: 10
Hunt Object: A Peacock Feather
Hunt Theme: 10 Complete Burlesque Outfits L$2 each see pics prizes >

Location: Valentine Heart Island
Contact Person(s): Brianna Passiflora

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The Hocus Pocus Cart Sale + Hunt

atg5-signEvent/Hunt Dates: Oct 1 – Oct 31
Application Deadline
: Sept 10
Application Location
: BuenaVista

Type: Faire or Event/Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Number of Merchants/Prizes: Merchants 36/Prizes 37
Hunt Object: Potion Bottle
Theme: BuenaVista has you under its spell, you can’t resist dropping in for the Hocus Pocus cart sale and hunt event. Browse 36 carts overflowing with Halloween magic, plus a unique theme and L$10 item on every cart. Grab your broom and fly around sim searching for potion bottles that contain L$2 hunt gifts, one from each participating merchant. No Lindens no problem, there are gifts and a cauldron full of fun for every ghost, goblin and witch.

Location: BuenaVista
Web Site: I Heart the Cart
Contact Person(s): MargeKinson Resident

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August Hunts & Events are Here

Just Started Magnifying GlassTime for some new hunts and events!

Click the hunt/event names for more information on each one. You can also find a comprehensive listing of hunts/events in the right-hand sidebar here at HUNT SL.

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