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The Hunties

the-hunties-2015-ballot-kiosk-2Dates: Through Dec 31

When you were hunting, did you find a special gift that you are still using? Is there a store you always make sure you get to when they are in a hunt? This is your opportunity to acknowledge that designer/builder/crafter with a Hunties nomination. You can get a ballot from the kiosks (posters) that are in many of the stores participating in hunts, at the Happy Hunting HQ or from Rosamoo. Then drop it to Rosamoo when you are done with it. No ballots will be accepted after midnight on Dec 31. Please let those who work so hard to provide hunters with a fun time in SL know that you appreciate their efforts. There are some new categories (20 in all) on this year’s ballot. Vote for a few or for all of them, but be sure to vote. It only takes a minute.
Contact Person: Rosamoo Mendelsohn

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