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Timeless Textures Feeling Festive 10L Store Hunt

TTFFHHunt Dates: November 24 – January 6

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 10
Price of Gifts: L$10
Hunt Object: A Red Frame with the Festive Feline on the front
Hunt Theme: A variety of texture types
Hunt Information: From Nov 24th – Jan 6th you’ll have 10 BRAND NEW Release Texture Sets to find for just 10L each! All the festive treats will be labelled as 1 of 10, 2 of 10 etc. so you know if you’ve found all the goodies looking for. The hunt object you’re looking for is a small red frame with the Festive Feline on the front.

Location: Aplasta
Contact Person(s): Xzavia Yifu

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Holiday Isle Hunt 2022

HIH22Hunt Dates: November 20 – December 26

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: General
Gifts: 25 (many with multiple items inside)
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Christmas Presents with Bows (examples at landing)
Hunt Theme: Christmas, Holiday and Winter
Hunt Information: We have 25+ prizes hidden for you in the beautiful island of Wind Struck, including several outfits and wearable accessories from TFF, plus beautiful winter & holiday decorations, winter landscape items, and furnishings. The big prize, also in the hunt, is a 2-story mesh winter log cabin to decorate inside and out with your hunt prizes! As part of the hunt there are also 3 amazing outfits for men and women. Several popular mesh body sizes are included in most of the sets! To participate, simply find a box like the examples at our landing (though they may have different colored wrapping papers)… and buy it for zero (0) dollars! There are many all around the island – over 25 total Hunt boxes all over, many with multiple items inside. Additional freebies (part of our “permanent location”) are located under some of the Christmas trees in Santa’s area. HINTS: Look mainly in obvious spots. Go where people might congregate like a building. Or look near a landmark like a fence, bridge, or bench. We will not try to fool you with boxes embedded inside something or up in hard to reach spots. The boxes are easy to find – similar to the ones at the landing. Check in each shop and in corners of buildings (you can go in ALL buildings on the island). While you are at our hunt location, check out the decorations, have some yummy goodies, ride a horse, visit Santa and his elves at the North Pole, take some cool photos, and shop for some of the finest costumes in Second Life!

Location: Wind Struck
Website: The Virtual World Educator
Contact Person(s): Tayren Theas

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Winter Is Coming Event

WICHEvent/Hunt Dates: November 18 – December 25

Type: Event/Sim Hunt
Region Rating: General
Number of Merchants/Hunt Gifts: Merchants 50/Hunt Gifts 50
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: A Gift Box
Theme: Winter
Information: Winter Is Coming is a shopping and treasure hunt event for the whole family. Here you find everything to make your Winter 2022 great, from decorations to accessories to outfits. The treasure hunt items are little gift boxes this time. Touch them to receive gifts, or answer the trivia questions if you happen to click on a trivia one.

Location: Wonderland Beach
Web Site: Wonderland Beach Events
Contact Person(s): Alice Klinger

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Enchantment Presents: Royalty Hunt

RHHunt Dates: November 12 – December 3

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 29
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: A Book
Hunt Theme: Royalty
Hunt Information: Prepare to be enchanted and step into the world of Royalty! Delight in the luxury and styles of royalty old, new, and fantastical. Embark on a search for prizes fit for king and queen, provided by our talented designers.
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/b7849705-d288-f4bc-6487-1eb6b582e473/about

Start: Nymphai
Website: Enchantment
Hints/SLurls: Royalty Hunt
Contact Person(s): angeloflifelight resident

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The Free Dove Caring Hands – November Hunt

FDNHHunt Dates: November 9 – November 30

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 10
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: A Black Rose
Hunt Theme: Free Dove Caring Hands Series
Hunt Information: Free Dove Caring Hands Series in November features “VEZZO INK” with Selinia. Super talented Exclusive original designs by this tattoo designer that wanted to take over in November and show the grid what she is all about. Her tattoos have so many nice details. You will enjoy this hunt and collective her Hunt Series. 5 Gifts are hidden at Free Dove and the other 5 at her beautiful Mainstore! For more info stop at Free Dove and click the banner with all landmarks.
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/2b6ea148-253e-325d-bf8b-f7eeb8c25dae/about

Location: Gallii
Website: The Free Dove
Contact Person(s): Palomma Casanova

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Botanica’s Thanksgiving Traditions Mini Hunt

BTTHHunt Dates: November 6 – November 24

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 7
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Various
Hunt Theme: Thanksgiving History and Traditions
Hunt Information: It’s the one day in the year when Americans who can’t agree on anything will sit down together and agree on what to have for dinner. Enjoy a holiday feast and learn about the Thanksgiving traditions that bring together family and friends in the spirit of gratitude at Botanica’s Café Americana. This is an educational mini hunt with 7 Thanksgiving-themed prizes to earn a Thanksgiving feast for your table.
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/58c351a9-a08a-5d7d-0617-404a6e95598c/about

Location: Blue Moon
Website: The Virtual Garden
Contact Person(s): caracali nova

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First Frost Hunt

FFHHunt Dates: November 14 – December 14

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 12
Price of Gifts: L$25
Hunt Object: A Winter Flower
Hunt Theme: Winter Season
Hunt Information: Lots of Winter goodies, clothing and home items. All proceeds to Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research.

Location: Creations Park
Contact Person(s): pleiadiansoul resident

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Gobble Wobble 2 Hunt

GWH2Hunt Dates: November 5 – November 30

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 14
Price of Gifts: L$1
Hunt Object: A Turkey Platter
Hunt Theme: Thanksgiving
Hunt Information: It’s that time of year to be thankful and spend time with family and those you love. Cheeky Monkey is doing just that and inviting you round for Thanksgiving Dinner. Only thing is, you need to find where we have hidden your plate!
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/6dad4dcf-880a-1e6c-d661-257c16d40c2f/about

Start: Broken Arrow
Website: Cheeky Monkey Hunts
Hints/SLurls: Gobble Wobble 2 Hunt
Contact Person(s): Mandilena Loxely

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The Jerky Turkey Hunt 12

JT12HHunt Dates: November 3 – November 30

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 49
Price of Gifts: L$1
Hunt Object: An Orange Feather
Hunt Theme: Thanksgiving/Fall
Hunt Information: That turkey, he’s so jerky! Running around SL throwing feathers around, knocking stuff down, being loud and obnoxious-it’s time to hunt him and bring it to a stop! Fantastic designers are having their stores littered by this turkey-starting point is right here at grumble where the turkey has left his feathers all over the sim! Find the orange feather to lead you to the next stop on the path of the jerky turkey. Find the feathers to find the jerky turkey and end up with a gobbling gaggle of designer seasonal gifts! COME AND HUNT FOR THAT JERKY TURKEY.
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04/about

Start: Grumble
Website: Evil Bunny Productions
Hints/SLurls: The Jerky Turkey Hunt 12
Contact Person(s): allie munro

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Fonzo Fest 2022

FFEvent/Hunt Dates: November 20 – December 30
Application Deadline
: November 19
Application Site
: Google Forms

Type: Event/Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate
Number of Merchants/Hunt Gifts: Merchants 30/Hunt Gifts 30
Price of Gifts: L$1
Hunt Object: A Snowman Head
Theme: All things winter, seasonal holidays, festive colors, anything that this time of year means to you!
Information: GUIDELINES/RULES: We welcome all family-friendly stores and locations. This Hunt’s rating is: “G” – Items for all sizes, shapes, avatars, etc are welcome! No adult-rated items allowed including, but not limited to, clothing, furniture, poses, imagery, themes, etc. Items made for adult-sized AVs are welcome, just keep everything clean and respectful! No ADULT rated sims are allowed in this hunt unless cleared by the PSP team. Stores featuring nude or graphic ads will NOT be accepted. Store on sims with these types of images visible will not be accepted. You do not have to have an in-world location to participate in this hunt. Those who do not will be able to rez their item at Alfonzo Isle. This hunt will cost 1L$ for hunters and you will keep all profits; it is FREE to participate. You must join ONE group and check it regularly – please ensure you have a space open (Purple Sloth Productions Vendor group). All types of items are welcome (clothing, poses, decor, furniture, gestures, full perm, etc). If you are a location (i.e. community, school, other family-friendly sim or location). Items must be a true representation of the item/s and quality of those in your store. ALL vendors must provide a hint and a quality photo ad (512×512 or 1024×1024 preferred) of their hunt gift using the proper NC provided in this pack by the deadline. EVENT EXTRAS – ADVENT CALENDAR: This year we are going to do our advent a little differently! We will be opening it up to as many people as would like to participate and your gift will be in your OWN shop! Our little community advent should be lots of fun! Once your day is over, you have the option of pricing it 25L$ or less for the rest of the advent. This item must be a new release and fit the theme. You will be assigned a date during the event. If you can not or do not want to manually set that day, there are scripts that can open the item for collection for that day to visitors. If you have questions, please contact Beyonkah in-world and she is happy to tell you your options! TRANSFERABLE ITEM MARKET: All of these items must be YES TRANSFER / NO COPY – Miepon , trinket, and other similar machines are welcome as long as they follow the LL TOS (linked above). You can also sell items that are No Copy, Yes Transfer directly to the customer in this portion. Machines – These do NOT have to be new releases. You may have up to 4 Machines and will be assigned a space to set them out starting around mid-November. I will do my best to give you all plenty of time to set up as I know the holidays are very busy! You can have both a machine and a table space. Tables – Tables are used to sell items set specifically with NO copy/YES trans permissions (modify is up to you of course!) Machines are NOT allowed at the tables space but you can have both a table and machine space. These items do NOT need to be new.

Event Location/Hunt Start: Alfonzo Isle
Website: Purple Sloth Productions
Hints/SLurls: Coming Soon!
Contact Person(s): Beyonkah Resident

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Shanti 10th Anniversary Hunt

S10AHHunt Dates: November 1 – November 30

Type: Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 10
Price of Gifts: L$1
Hunt Object: The Number 10
Hunt Theme: Anniversary Celebration
Hunt Information: Come find 10 exclusive items for our 10th Anniversary hunt!

Location: Dreams of Light
Contact Person(s): Arielle Simondsen

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