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Little Black Dress Hunt

__dbl__lbd-hunt-5-dresses-10l-each-sept-18-oct-31-2016Hunt Dates: Sep 18 – Oct 31

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 5
Hunt Object: Little Black Dress (L$10 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Lexi has hidden five LBD (Little Black Dress). Each LBD is only 10L. Find all five uniquely different LBD.

Start: Sands dAlliez
Contact Person(s): Willa Grantham

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White Tigers Islands Pirate Hunt

white-tigers-islands-pirate-hunt-2016-promo_origHunt Dates: Sep 15 – Nov 15

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 50+
Hunt Object: Skullsl, Doubloons, and Gems
Hunt Theme: A virtual group of friends recently banded together in SL to help save the White Tigers Islands after our friend Stone Vayandar had to leave SL for chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. We paired down from four sims to one to keep Stone’s legacy alive and continue his tremendous support for SL musicians. Over the past eight years, White Tigers Islands has provided several paying venues for entertainers as well as “open mic” karaoke events to allow people to perform even if it’s their first time ever. We have grown our community over the past four months and paid tier out of our own pockets and through fund raising concerts and dance shows, donations, and through new vendors and renters coming to the islands to join our community. White Tigers Islands will be hosting a large scavenger game-based adventure “Pirate Hunt”. This hunt has the best booty of any SL pirate hunt with 50+ Prizes.Funds raised through the hunt will help to pay tier and benefit future events.

Start: White Tigers Island
Web Site:
Contact Person(s): Libertybelle lyric

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Pub Crawl Hunt

pubcrawlhuntHunt Dates: Oct 1 – Oct 31

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 16
Hunt Object: Bottle Cap (L$2 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Time to pull an all nighter! Think Bars, Drinks, Pub Taps, Signs or Tables/Chairs! There is decor inside and out also!

Start: Rue dAlliez
Web Site:
Contact Person(s): Xandra Bressig
Hints & Stores are on the web site, LMs as you go along.

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HUNT SL GachapaloozaDates: Sep 26 – Oct 30

Type: Faire or Event
Region Rating: Moderate
Stations: TBA (to be announced)
Theme: What is Gachapalooza you ask? Gachapalooza is gacha event that will run for a little over a month, starting on the hunt Owner/Organizer Chrissy’s Birthday and end on our Event Manager Lil’s Birthday. Taking the love of gacha’s and music and smashing them together for a fun event. Gacha machines at the event ~ No theme Exclusive Item Theme – Any and all things Birthday related!

Location: Beach
Web Site:
Contact Person: Chrissy Sparrowtree

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Bite Me Hunt

HUNT SL Bite Me HuntHunt Dates: Sep 1 – Sep 30

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 20
Hunt Object: Apple (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Find 20 hidden red apples around the sim – L$1 each -Female fashions! No transfer.

Start: Falls Cove
Web Site:
Contact Person: Allie Munro
Hints are on the web site.

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Star Search Hunt

Star Search Hunt Poster - SeptemberHunt Dates: Sep 1 – Sep 30

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: Many participating stores, some with multiple prizes. Participating stores will be displaying a hunt poster.
Hunt Object: Green Glass Star (L$10 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Free expression.  Participating designers and merchants at Creative Outlet have created a variety of prizes, including home & garden decor, clothing, buildings, full perm texture packs for builders, and more. Prizes are just L$10 each.

Start: Isle of Creation
Contact Persons: VenusVesuvius Resident

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Birding Botanica ~ LAST CHANCE!

HUNT SL birding-botanicaHunt Dates: May 29 – Sep 8

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: General
Stops: 15
Hunt Object: 14 different birds hidden in plain sight. (L$0 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Explore Botanica’s gardens and you will hear and see lots of birds, But 14 of them have group prizes (group free to join) hidden in them. To help you there is a free birding camera, hunt HUD and clues. Everyone (group & non-group) who can find all 14 prize birds wins the grand prize of a rideable great flying eagle.

Start: Gecco
Web Site:
Contact Person: Cara Cali

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