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Haunted Isle Hunt 2020

Hunt Dates: September 22 – November 1

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: General
Gifts: 25 gifts, many with multiple items inside. More being added!
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: Box (with Halloween paper and bow)
Hunt Theme: Halloween, Autumn
Hunt Information: This hunt takes place over the entire Second Life island of Wind Struck. Here lies the haunted town of Deathknell, where you’ll meet witches, ghosts, werewolves, and some very funny undead! The circus is in town, with an unsavory assortment of spooky freaks. Down the road is the stunning Black Oak Forest, where unholy monsters roam. All parts of this amazing and beautiful haunted island, including all buildings, are for your hunting enjoyment and Halloween thrills! To join the hunt: Simply find a box like the one pictured or the examples at our landing (though they may have different colored wrapping papers)… and buy it for zero (0) dollars! There are many all around the island – 25 total Hunt boxes all over, with more being added regularly. Items contain Halloween and Autumn decorations and things to wear. There are even complete Halloween costumes for men, women and everyone among the prizes! HINTS: Look mainly in obvious spots. Go where people might congregate like a building. Or look near a landmark like a fence, bridge, or bench. We will not try to fool you with boxes embedded inside something, or up in hard to reach spots. The boxes are bright and easy to find – similar to the ones at the landing. Check near seating areas and in corners of buildings. WE WILL SWAP ITEMS OUT AT TIMES. Please feel free to come back with a friend to enjoy all the gifts and more! All prizes are either wearables or decorations, and all are for both men and women! More being added and switched on a regular basis!

Location: Wind Struck
Contact Person(s): Tayren Theas

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Spooktakulum event

atg5-signEvent/Hunt Dates: September 20 – November 20

Type: Event/Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Number of Merchants/Hunt Gifts: Merchants 45/Hunt Gifts 45
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: A Treasure Chest
Theme: Halloween & Dios de Los Muertos
Information: This is your event for a spooky sparkly Halloween and Dios de los muertos ! over 40 merchants, 45 treasure hunt gifts, a Costume party at the 29th October 11 AM, Carriage ride around the sim and plenty of opportunity to take great pictures in your new outfits. Come enjoy.

Location: Long Beach
Web Site: Wonderland Beach Events
Contact Person(s): Alice Klinger

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Happy Fall Harambee Fair & hunt

Event/Hunt Dates: September 21 – November 30
Application Deadline
: September 20
Application Location
: Google Forms

Type: Event/Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Number of Merchants/Hunt Gifts: Merchants 35/Hunt Gifts 35
Price of Gifts: L$3
Hunt Object: Pumpkins with Lights
Theme: Seasonal or Free Theme
Information: The Happy Fall Charity Fair is free-theme or inspired by everything related to autumn, fantasy, diversity, elves, goblins and wizards. A great get together of gifted designers, showing Fashion, Home and Garden products and items Full Perm. Some items for sale go to the IKSDP-Harambee Gwassi Kenya schools fund-raiser ( non-profit association). Garden Art’s installations by Ciottolina Xue.

Location: Imperial Ar
Website: Harambee Hunts
Contact Person(s): Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh, VitaVita resident

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Hollywood Glamour Hunt 0.2

Hunt Dates: September 26 – October 26
Application Deadline
: September 8
Application Site
: Google Forms

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: TBA
Price of Gifts: L$2
Hunt Object: A Gold Star
Hunt Theme: Hollywood Glamour
Hunt Information: All things “Glam” Think, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn … these iconic beauties are shining symbols of “old Hollywood glamour.” Formal attire, gowns, tuxedos, suits, diamonds, heels, party dresses, etc… Classy, glamorous night at the Oscars or Grammys!
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/77c92da4-2465-e87d-10a1-523c7de69680/about

Start: Lost Paradise
Website: Sweet Intoxication Hunts
Hints/SLurls: Coming Soon!
Contact Person(s): Chrissy Sparrowtree

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Creations Park Fall Fox Hunt

Hunt Dates: September 21 – November 21

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 1 Gift Per Store (15+ Stores)
Price of Gifts: L$20
Hunt Object: Mr. Fox
Hunt Theme: Autumn/Fall
Hunt Information: Creations Park is a long established sim with many quality stores, all of which actively raise funds for Team Fox, the Parkinsons Research Charity. There will be a fee of 20L per item, but 100% of this goes to Team Fox.

Location: Creations Park
Contact Person(s): pleiadiansoul resident

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A New Episode of HAPPY HUNTING

hAPPY HUNTINGThe new episode of HAPPY HUNTING is out. You can watch it here

Host Cinders Vale features some of the great hunts this month.

Hunts featured on this week’s show are:

  • The Renaissance Hunt and Faire
  • The Cozy Hunt
  • Quoth the Raven Hunt
  • The Purpose Hunt

You’ll find full details of the Hunts mentioned in the show on HUNT SL.

Happy Hunting to all!

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