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Summer Diaries Hunt

atg5-signHunt Dates: Jul 15 – Aug 15
Application Deadline
: Jun 30
Application Site
: Maekju

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 70 (20 sponsors + 50 stores)
Hunt Object: Starfish
Hunt Theme: All about summer (sun, sand, surf)

Start: Maekju
Web Site: Miss Jewell Events
Contact Person(s): Cheryne Jewell

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Fable 2 Once Upon A Time

Dates: Aug 5 – Aug 26
Application Deadline
: July 1
Application Site

Type: Faire or Event
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Theme: The theme of this event is FABLE Once Upon A Time…..create your own story. What do you dream of- what is your fairy tale or horror story? Fairies, elves, fantasy, horror, the choice is yours. It is your story to write.

Location: Brewery
Web Site:
Contact Person(s): Allie Munro

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Around The Grid in 80 Days Hunt 5

atg5-signHunt Dates: Jul 13 – Sep 30
Application Deadline
: Jul 2
Application Site

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: TBA (to be announced)
Hunt Object: Hot Air Balloon (L$1 or L$25 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: ATG is to help shoppers find new places or rediscover old favorites on the grid. Open to all region ratings. This hunt will have two prims but one prize. 1L for hunters or 25L for shoppers option. This hunt is open theme.

Web Site:
Contact Person(s): Isabelle Torok, Ripley Rozenberg

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