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Funny Caterpillar Hunt 3

FCH3Hunt Dates: June 1 – June 30
Application Deadline
: May 29
Application Site
: Harambee Hunts

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate
Stops: 42
Price of Gifts: L$3
Hunt Object: A Funny Caterpillar
Hunt Theme: Free themed with a focus on everything that grows in the sun, summer, energy, warm colors, Fantasy, fairytale, wild nature!
Hunt Information: Funny caterpillar Hunt 3 is a Grid Wide Hunt themed by everything that grows in the sun, summer, energy, warm colors, Fantasy, fairytale, wild nature. The selected content creators offer in their Stores original hunt items hidden inside the Caterpillar plushie (L$ 3). All Sponsor fees are for the fundraising to IKSDP-Harambee project Gwassi Kenya schools.

Start: Imperial Ar
Website: Harambee Hunts
Hints/SLurls: Funny Caterpillar Hunt 3
Contact Person(s): Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh

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Summer Lovin 6

SLH6Hunt Dates: June 2 – June 30
Application Deadline
: May 15
Application Site
: Finders Keepers Hunts

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 22
Price of Gifts: L$1
Hunt Object: A Flip Flop
Hunt Theme: Summer Season
Hunt Information: Summer Season and warm weather and anything that goes with it.
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/b894ee45-530b-f73a-02fb-ec255ee42e3b/about

Start: Serena NorthRend
Website: Finders Keepers Hunts
Hints/SLurls: Summer Lovin 6
Contact Person(s): Cajuntease

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SILK ROAD 2022: Crossroads – Japan

SR22Event/Hunt Dates: June 4 – June 26
Application Deadline
: April 30
Application Site
: Historical Hunts

Type: Event/Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Number of Merchants/Hunt Gifts: Merchants 60+/Hunt Gifts 60+
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: A Pagoda
Theme: Asian theme, focusing on Japan
Information: Silk Road 2022 is an annual grid-wide hunt and market event with games and entertainments, presented by Historical Hunts/Mieville. This time the theme is Asian, focusing on Japan. Hunters are encouraged to join the free group: Historical Hunts, for continually updated hunt and event information, and assistance.

Location: Mieville Shelley
Website: Historical Hunts
Contact Person(s): Perryn Peterson and Wyvern Dryke

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Hunt for Your Inner Slut: Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!

HSHHunt Dates: June 15 – July 15
Application Deadline
: June 1
Application Site

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate/Adult
Stops: 4
Price of Gifts: L$0
Hunt Object: A Golden Penis
Hunt Theme: Welcome to the Jungle, Baby! (adult/jungle/flora and fauna of the jungle/mysterious)
Hunt Information: Jungle/Mystery/Rock…the theme is “Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!”, so it can go a variety of different interpretations for the designers and creators out there to have some fun with. Hunt for Your Inner Slut is a Second Life Hunt for top quality, detailed, lovingly-made adult goods, going on since July 2012. It was originally started because there were a few adult hunts, but nothing that really offered a wide variety of high-quality goods that I wanted to suggest to my friends. Plus there are SOOOO many stores that I run into that people don’t even KNOW about yet.
Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/49e20bf5-764c-f004-6d93-003832988ba6/about

Start: Busi
Website: HYIS
Hints/SLurls: Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!
Contact Person(s): Sufferingfrom Lockjaw

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[M] “The Sad Butterfly” Hunt

TSBHHunt Dates: May 17 – June 17

Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 20
Price of Gifts: L$5
Hunt Object: Sad Butterfly
Hunt Theme: Springtime
Hunt Information: Spring has sprung & we noticed some of the butterflies are sad this season. They are having trouble finding all the flowers that nourish them and make them happy. If you can help them, they’d be supper happy and give you a Happy Flower with a special item inside. Butterflies are a miraculous creature and we should always help them and take special care of them. They have a lot of meanings but not limited to: Faith, Transformation & Acceptance to New Beginnings. They also hold a deep siritual connection with lost loved ones. The butterfly is absolutely amazing. Find and collect all these sad butterflies and you will have a whole new wardrobe and some decor for your place. It’s fabulous and fun! Happy Hunting! All Hidden @ various locations. Look high, low, in & around the whole area, etc. If you find All [20 Total] you will have a 20 incredible items.

Location: Persephone Core
Contact Person(s): TeenaMarie Bressig

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A New Episode of HAPPY HUNTING

hAPPY HUNTINGThe new episode of HAPPY HUNTING is out. You can watch it here

Host Cinders Vale features some of the great hunts this month.

Hunts featured on this week’s show are:

You’ll find full details of all the Hunts mentioned in the show on HUNT SL.

Happy Hunting to all!

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